The sun came out today!

It didn't start out sunny. In fact every day in Valdez has begun in a blanket of fog and clouds like this or thicker. In fact this is a photo after the deepest fog. That's the terminus of the Alaska pipeline across the harbor (I found out that there is indeed only one AK pipeline).

ValdezHarbor-01 copy 

At midday the skies turned blue but the fog still hovered over the harbor. It was really bright and crisp and happy!

ValdezHarbor-02 copy 

The next time I walked past a window I noticed that there really was water in the harbor. Amazing!

ValdezHarbor-05 copy 

My hotel is near the ferry docks and the day stayed clear long enough for me to take these photos. The deepest white high on the mountains in the background are glaciers unless I am very much mistaken.

ValdezHarbor-08 copy 

Imagine kayaking here!

ValdezHarbor-06 copy

2 thoughts on “The sun came out today!

  1. Becky – I have really loved all the pictures you have shared of your trip. Was wondering how things were on the home front – did Sherman get any flooding? Hope everything is good to go when you get home. Judy C in NC


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