Daisies & Dots!

Daisies & Dots is the name of our newest collection of fabric from Robert Kaufman. The colors are clear and fresh and brimming with happy daisies and dots. We love every bit of it!


This fabric won't be available for sale until January 1 but you can see the full range here on the Robert Kaufman site. We've been busily working on projects made from this fabric. If you are signed up to receive our eNewsletter you'll know when we post something new on our site. If you aren't on the list and want to be, click here.

On a related note, this fabric will also be available in jelly rolls. Amazingly enough, neither Linda nor I have ever used a jelly roll. If you have a wonderful idea about how a Daisies & Dots jelly roll might be used, please share it with us. It would be nice to be able to put some ideas with the jelly rolls on the web when we put them up in January.

5 thoughts on “Daisies & Dots!

  1. Great fabric. Congratulations. I have been making quilts with jelly rolls. Just felt in love with them. Most blocks that have squares and rectangles in the design, work well with jelly rolls. I use the easy angle ruler to be able to cut triangles from the same size pieces as the squares and rectangles. I am looking forward to see you fabric in stores. I also lived in Australia last year and loved you posting from there. Thank you.


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