Applique With Attitude

Linda is here and we made a movie to show you the applique with perle cotton that we've both been having fun with. I made my AAQI World Series Quilt with this kind of applique and it has lots of attitude.

The perle cotton is here on our site. Our favorite crewel needle is at the bottom of that page as well.


We are really having fun with this and we hope to post some more movies soon. Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

15 thoughts on “Applique With Attitude

  1. The video demonstration is like having you sit next to me and show just me exactly how to do this. What’s nice is you can do “individual” instructions to many people at the same time. Love it and can hardly wait to see the new stuff that’s coming out.
    I wonder how it would look on Aunt Millie’s Garden? Or maybe in the North Pole!!
    What do you think?


  2. Wow, this is such a neat technique. Thanks for sharing it!
    I’m new to applique but I’m coming along, thanks to your fabulous books and video. I’d be curious to see a bit more of how you handle outer points when doing the running stitch. It seems like you’d have to turn under the opposite edge before making the last stitch at the corner.


  3. Heard you talk about this on Pat Sloan’s podcast the other day – helps to have a visual — way cool! Hope you two are enjoying your time together!


  4. Very clear tutorial! I think I’ll try the “running stitch” version on my next applique project – maybe a purse?!! Thanks for sharing!


  5. Oh great I got it to work. This little tutorial was great. I am not very good at hand sewing and seeing this now means I am going to give it another go. I think the picture clarity was very good, Linda is a great camera woman. Becky is great at speaking and taking in terms I understand. I love the look of this work. These turorials are some of the clearest I have watched will tell others about them too.


  6. Thanks a lot for sharing this work to us..Great and amazing video…I like ur the way u explained and its so easy to learn…

    Me waiting to c more of ur posts …Hope everyone just love this …


  7. I have been doing invisible applique since the 80s with much trepidation, this is wonderful, I thought about it a long time ago but was concerned I would break the rules !!! LOL and an F for my handiwork..Thank you it is absolutely awesome.


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