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I'm home from my last teaching trip of the year but that doesn't mean I'm kicking back and relaxing. Linda and I are working on some new things for the web site and if all goes well I'll be updating it tomorrow or Wednesday.

Here's one last photo from market. I didn't end up taking a lot of photos because my camera was too heavy to lug around all day and my tiny camera was at home (how's that for planning!). I bought earrings again from Meg Hannan of Rag Art Studio. I love these things – they are unusual and pretty and they make nice gifts.


On another note, I found out before I left for market that my bones are more porous and now I've officially got osteoporosis. My doctor has run every test she can think of but we came to the conclusion that it may be diet related. I'm now on a gluten-free, lactose-free diet – and sugar is not really recommended either. Luckily there are a lot more gluten-free options now than there used to be so I am not going to complain. I do admit that it makes eating out a little harder – but I don't eat out much unless I'm away from home.

I have been on a very low-fat diet for many years because that's what 'they' told us was healthy. Times have changed and now it seems that carbs are what need to be limited. Protein, vegetables and fruit, and some fat are good for you. I also found out that fiber can inhibit the absorption of calcium – silly me, I was adding extra fiber to my breakfast. No more of that.

Since I can't eat dairy, I've started drinking unsweetened coconut milk. It's not bad at all – it's not milk, but it's an OK stand in. The package says that it's a better fat (short chain) and there's no cholesterol. Nice. I think I'm going to be eating more avodados and nuts and I'm not sure what else. I'm meeting a new nutritionist tomorrow so I'll know more then.

I'm sharing this because of the years I spent thinking all fat was bad, and I don't think I'm alone in that. If you are eating what was recommended 10 years ago, you might want to read up on current studies in nutrition and diet to be sure your body is getting what it needs to keep you healthy and quilting.

Now I've got to get back to work…



11 thoughts on “This and that…

  1. I have been eating a gluten free diet for about 10 years. Restaurants are getting much better at understanding and dealing with it. I use a flour called Tom Sawyer flour for baking, which is a wonderfully fine flour. I use it for everything that calls for flour. I also use Bob’s Redmill baking mix for things that call for Bisquick. Good luck.


  2. Thanks for the flour tips. My DIL and grandchildren are gluten-free and they eat here often so I at least have a clue about what to do. But it is a new experience to stand in front of what I know are wonderful baked goods and know that I cant eat them. Lorna says it gets easier to ignore them.


  3. Hi Becky – I hope a new diet will be the answer and can put the brakes on osteoporosis. I too need to avoid lactose and have recently discovered Almond Milk. Once you get used to it, it’s really quite nice. Another benefit to coconut water/milk is that it’s great for kidney health.
    All the best! Mercy


  4. Congratulations on your Judges Choice Award! I love the quilt circular momentum. I read your blog all the time and really enjoy the diversity of subjects. Sheila


  5. Everyone in the world has their own view of what is meant by healthy eating. There is so much info (both science-based and wacky!), I rarely give advice! But after reading your blog about your recommended treatment for osteoporosis, I had to respond. As a retired nutrition professor, I strongly encourage you to seek the advice of a registered dietician. Treating osteoporosis by restricting gluten, fiber and dairy is most unusual. Be sure the dietician has RD after her name. She will provide you with science based info you can be confident in.


  6. Hi Meredith:
    If I didnt know everything else theyve checked, Id be skeptical too but my doctor focuses much of her attention on treating osteoporosis. My husband, the biologist who is not swayed by dietary fads, agrees with her that this is the next thing to do. I wont know for 2 years, at my next bone scan, if this helps the bone to grow and even then I may not know which part of what Im doing is whats helping. But since nothing Ive been doing for 6 years has kept my bone from loosing ground Im willing to try this.


  7. Becky:
    I am on a dairy free diet and drink Trader Joe’s 2% soy milk. You might want to try soy milk as an alternative. West Soy makes a fat free one that isn’t bad but I like the Trader Joe’s one better (and it’s cheaper).
    I do miss my cheese, however! The soy cheeses, in my humble opinion (imho) are awful so I just do without!
    Good luck. It will take some getting used to but in the long run you will adjust!


  8. I have celiac disease and have been on a gluten-free diet for 20 years. Just read recently that gluten-free diets may not be so good for those that don’t have celiac disease. Haven’t really researched that.


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