And the crowd goes wild!

I'm quoting Ami Simms, but it seems the crowd did go wild! The AAIQ auction ended last night and the quilts, combined with the funds where you all rooted for your favorites, raised more than $13,000 that will go to Alzheimer's research. Amazing! I am blessed to be a part of this event and am already looking forward to next year.

In case you are wondering, you can look at the final bids here. Hollis' quilt, Tangled, won the challenge. It is an incredible, arresting piece.


6 thoughts on “And the crowd goes wild!

  1. Wow! a person could get lost in that piece!! Wonderful work.
    do you remember the quilt you did that is on the video Appplique the Piece o Cake way? It is Rudolph and friends…and you give the instruction to use a white gel pen for the eyes…is there a special pen? Or do all gel pens work on fabric? I have read several pkgs- paper/wood/etc mentioned, but not fabric. Any special treatment after using the pen, like ironing? Thanks, maybe THIS year I will actually get to that quilt! fondly, Sandy
    PS I love that big stitch quilting…!


  2. Hi Sandy:
    We have used a variety of paint pens and permanent gel pens. We always wash and dry our fabric before stitching so there are no sizings or finishes to interfere with the paint. We have used a variety of paint pens and permanent gel pens. Sometimes it takes more than one pass with the pen to get the coverage you want. I have also used real acrylic paint mixed with textile medium and a small paintbrush to apply the paint. It works if you have a steady hand.
    In all cases we heatset the paint with an iron. I havent had a problem with paint flaking off but I think Linda did once. She just went back and added more paint.
    Hope this helps,


  3. Wow – Becky, that was a truly special auction. My question is who is “Burton, MI” that bought ALL the quilts and was wondering if you have any idea what will be done with them? Maybe become a traveling trunk show as I would love to see them for real! I guess I envisioned them living in different homes all over the world. Regardless, they brought a nice sum for AAQI and that is what it is all about.


  4. I think the Burton, MI, location is where Ami is or where the auction was processed. The winning bidders are different. In fact, I heard today from the woman who bought my quilt!


  5. That is really good to know, Becky. Read the information wrong and it sounded as if the same person bought them all. Lol – doesn’t everyone just love growing old?


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