For the guys…

Jeff We are all very aware of Breast Cancer and if you are like me you donate to help find a cure. Men's health issues are not really on most people's radar. The Movember Foundation is working to change that. I have a husband, two sons, and a grandson and their health is important to me.

Movember is about raising money and awareness through the growing of mo's (mustaches). Movember Mo Bros raise funds by getting friends and family to donate to their Mo-growing efforts. The rules are simple: register online at and start the month of Movember clean-shaven, then grow a moustache for 30 days. Last year, 255,722 men and women across the globe raised $40 million (USD) – all through the power of the Mo. Movember funds raised in the US benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG.

Our son, Jeff is growing a mo (he's looking a little scruffy here) and you can donate to support him and/or his team. Click here to go to Jeff's page.

Help spread the word and perhaps next year one or more of the men in your life will grow a mo for the cause!

4 thoughts on “For the guys…

  1. My boyfriend has been doing this too and none of us can WAIT until Wednesday when it’s coming off! On the bright side, he’s raised over $1,000 and is still hopeful that he’ll reach $1,500 in the next two days.


  2. Men _and_ women? Seriously, women get sponsored for growing mustaches? Hee hee hee. That sentence just made me laugh. Not many women like to fess up that they have a mustache 🙂


  3. Yeah, the wording is a little funny. I pulled it from their site so I think Ill leave it with them :-). It is funny though that when I pledged money to Jeff it asked if I wanted to join his team. I thought, sure – I should be on his team. Not really a good idea – Im now on the Johns Hopkins mo growing team. Oh well…


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