Shopping in Dallas…

Steve and I went to Dallas today to shop – but not at the mall. We went to Orr-Reed Wrecking looking for used wood to make a new dining room table. We tried to buy one new, but I guess we are too particular. We decided to make something unique! We found this wood:


Notice that it's tongue and groove? It's 2" x 6" pine flooring. Not what I was expecting to find but Steve is very happy. He's going to glue them together, side by side, to make a solid tabletop. The tongue and groove is going to make that process easier.


It turns out that these boards are about 60 years old. They were flooring in a hanger at Love Field. I would never have imagined an airplane hanger with wood floors! They are currently stacked on our garage floor with the 2 porch posts that we also purchased. We're going to cut them in half and use them for the table legs. Steve is going to start working on this soon so I'll post more photos as the table progresses.


This is what Orr-Reed Wrecking looks like. There's a lot more than this. Notice the bird houses?


Mr. Jones has been making these bird houses for many years. I have one on my front porch and love it dearly.

Next we went to Century Modern where we picked up this chair for our living room. It's my new sewing chair! Century Modern is like an antique store except that their 'antiques' are century modern in style. Great place to find this sort of thing.


And these are the chairs that I had to leave behind. I don't think Steve was sorry that we couldn't afford them. They are almost awful – but I loved them anyway. But I can picture them without the horrible vinyl seats…



6 thoughts on “Shopping in Dallas…

  1. I have 2 of the “sewing” chairs. They were my mother in laws. I recently passed them on to my oldest daughter with strict orders that if she tired of them she had to give them back….


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