Christmas in black and white…

(I named this post before I added the color photos. The black and white images are all the way at the end…)

Steve and I have always made the trip home to visit family for Christmas which means that our boys always made that trip as well. Steve and I go to Oklahoma City on the 23rd to visit my mom and sister. Now that they are married, the trip north is a little more complicated for the boys. They stay in Sherman for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with their respective in-laws.

Christmas-2010_08 copy

On Christmas day around lunch time they (with wives and children in tow) drive north to Steve's mom and dad's house for the big dinner and festivities. It's not just our family but Steve's brother and sister's families too. The house is full to the brim and the presents take over the living room!

Christmas-2011_14 copy

I didn't take enough pictures – I chose to enjoy the party instead. But that's Jeff and Chris, above, and Steve with our neice Rachel, who has a catering business, busy in the kitchen.

Christmas-2011_11 copy

On the day after Christmas the kids do some more visiting and eventually we all end up back home in Texas. We do our family celebration (with presents!) on New Year's Eve. I've gotten to the point that it feels natural to spread out the Christmas celebration. In fact it's nice to still have New Year's Eve to look forward to.

The image below may seem unrelated to Christmas but it isn't for us. This is the chandelier that hung in my Grandmother's bedroom. It belongs to my sister now and we moved it for her from one place to another on the 24th. I cleaned that thing as a child and I did it again last week. Every time I re-hang those strands of crystal I am reminded of how pretty it is. It reminded me again that it's family and tradition that make the holidays special.



I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!


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