Porch posts to table legs…

Steve, with help from Jeff, got almost all the paint off of the porch posts and got them sanded smooth. Notice that they are hollow.


Steve got a 4″ x 4″ post and ripped boards to fit the hollow center of the posts. He and Jeff glued the perfectly cut pieces into the center of each table leg to make them stronger.


They cut the ends to make them smooth.


I got home from shopping in Dallas and stained these lovely table legs.


They don’t take the stain as well as the table top but that’s OK with me and Steve. In fact I almost wish the table top had the same pickled finish – but it doesn’t. Here’s a nice close-up…


The square part of the legs are the top, the turned parts will be nearer the floor. Look close and you’ll see that they are in ‘pairs’. The top of the porch post was one pattern, and the bottom was a different turned pattern. I love it!

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