Update from OKC…

My mom is recovering from her back surgery, but it's slow. She is 78 and the surgery took 8 hours (3 more than they thought it would). At 78 a person recovers from that sort of thing much more slowly. She has been incoherent, a lot. She has had fluid retention in her lungs – maybe pneumonia, maybe not. She had hoped for the best case scenario (2 days and then home) but she's gotten many days in the hospital that will be followed by rehab. Amazingly enough, her back is the least of her problems.
For my part, it has meant many hours in the hospital. For the first few days I was there 22 hours a day. Luckily Steve has been able to join us so I have the overnight 12 hours, he has the early part of the day and my sister has the afternoon. I don't function well without sleep. Some nights it's good and mom and I get to sleep and other nights nobody sleeps. but with Steve here I can catch up in the daytime. (This is why having babies is better when you are young!)
No pretty pictures with this post. I now have an even greater appreciation for nurses and nurse assistants who do their best and are short staffed. I know that if it is at all possible you really do have to stay with a loved one in the hospital at all times. That's just the way it is.
Mom may get to go to rehab but it will be Thursday or Friday. I'm not even going to linger on the thought that it could happen Wednesday. I may get to go home for at least a while then and I will rejoice in the familiar surroundings that I usually take for granted.
My laptop has decided to act up this week and needs to be sent in for repair – but it did it at the best time! My AppleCare Protection runs out January 30 so it's still covered. Amazing luck! I am now working solely on my iPad,and I love it even more. See – even at the most trying of times good things can happen.

8 thoughts on “Update from OKC…

  1. Oh Becky, I’m sorry it’s being such a time for you, your mom, and everyone! I’m grateful, though, Steve can be with you — that really helps. I pray things start to go much better very soon! Best wishes for all!


  2. How this week is the turning point. Oh how I hated those long night hours sitting in a chair trying to catch a few minutes. But I know your Mom really appreciates everyone being there.


  3. Becky, my heart goes out to you. I am a nurse and know how frustrating hours spent in the hospital can be. I am also a daughter and a mother and have spent long hours at the bedside with my mother and my premie daughters. No fun at all. You are all in my prayers this evening.


  4. I’m so sorry Becky, it is really hard dealing with an aging parent in the hospital. Good luck and prayers to you and your family that all goes well with recovery and rehab.


  5. You’re a good daughter….but you dont need me to tell you that. When you go through a difficult time, you just do it, and later you wonder how you did. Hope your mom is on the mend, and you can get some sleep!


  6. I’m so sorry that your mom did not experience the “best case” scenario in her recovery. Every hospitalized person needs a patient advocate. Your mom is lucky to have the family support that you, your husband and sister provide. My mom experienced an infection after back surgery and spent 72 days in three different hospitals before we could literally get her back on her feet. I hope your expereience ends up being much better than mine.


  7. Becky — I understand exactly what you are going through. You’re a great daughter and I’m sure she is very comforted to know you are there. You’re so right about nurses and the rest of hospital staff. They work their butts off – as I saw when my mom was in the hospital this August. She had a lung biopsy and it took over two months to recover (she’s 84) My mom has a terminal illness, and it really hits home that the time to enjoy our parents and be there is now. We can hope for the very best – but have to realize that sometimes it doesn’t happen.
    And, as your attitude shows, you can make the best of a not so great situation. I know I got lots of sewing done while sitting in the hospital — and I wouldn’t have done it at home.
    My best to you and your mom! (and the rest of the family)


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