Things are looking up!

At least things were much better when I left the hospital at 2:30 this afternoon. Mom is still confused and really tired, but she isn’t crazy (and I say that in the nicest possible way). Oh happy day!

My mom and my sister, Christy, live together. They both love mugs. It must be genetic because I myself have quite a collection. This is one of mom’s oldest mugs and I really, really, really want to make off with it. But I won’t. It was part of a set but it’s the only one left. I remember it from my youth. There are no markings on it but I do believe it’s one of those classic Nordic designs that have come back again. It would make a good appliqué pattern!

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My father-in-law got the real Alzheimer’s diagnosis today. One person in my family universe starts to find their mind, another is loosing theirs. It’s funny to think that this mug will be around longer than my mom and I will always think of her when I see it (because surely she will will it to me:-))

That’s what I hope happens with my quilts. They make me so very happy as I make them, I love sharing them, and someday they will be what makes people remember me. Is that why you quilt?

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7 thoughts on “Things are looking up!

  1. Oh, that’s soooo funny — do you see applique designs EVERYWHERE you go? That’s lovely! I think it would be very good, too. It is so sad about your FIL – but good news about your mother. Sorry for him; happy for her. I make quilts because I love the fabric feels in my hands; the way the colors sparkle and look wonderful when your done; because they make others happy when I give them and — well, that’s enough, huh? There are really too many reasons to list and ALL of them are good. Amazing!!
    Love and best wishes to all your family,


  2. I have said for years that at my funeral, I want everyone I have made a quilt for to bring it and show it off. I can’t think of a better way to remember me than gathering my friends and family together to remember how I celebrated the important times of their lives and my relationship to them.


  3. I quilt because its my form of artistic expression. I am a former high school Art AND Home Ec teacher. I discovered quilting long after leaving teaching. It is a GREAT combination of both disciplines.
    Glad to hear your mom is doing better. I was the primary caregiver for year, to my Mom (with help from my sister) who suffered from Alzheimers. Sad as it was, sis and I both agreed Mom really mellowed a lot in those last few years. Maybe I was just looking for a silver lining……


  4. That is exactly why I quilt. My goal is to make every member of my family a quilt.
    Cherish your Mom…I’d give anything to have just one more cup of tea with mine.
    Best regards
    Gail in Wa State


  5. I quilt as a form of creativity, but also for the same reasons you mentioned.I love what Beth said. I get great joy giving a quilt to a family member or friend and I want them to use it and love it because I made it for them…


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