Is anyone feeling bad for Jerry Jones?

You know, Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, host of the SuperBowl? The man with more money than… well certainly more money than you or I? THAT Jerry Jones? The weather here in north Texas has been extreme for us. Sure, we get ice and snow but usually things warm up and it's gone in 1-2 days. Not this time! Jerry is probably praying and cussing at the same time over this weather!

FebSnow-2011_01 copy

We had to turn off the pool pump a couple of days ago because of the power outages so the pool has about 1/2" of ice on it, maybe more. We had 3-6" of snow overnight. This morning it was hard to find the edge of the pool and it made me nervous to walk around it – so I mostly didn't walk around it!


Our street has had very little traffic but all the reports say that if you drive you are certifiably crazy. Snow on top of ice is just too much for us here. We don't have enough equipmet to deal with it. Schools and businesses have mostly been closed since Tuesday – although Austin College did open for classes today. And it's Super Bowl week in Dallas – where traffic is not moving well at all and it is colder than it's been in a very long time. Those of you keeping up with the Super Bowl news are surely seeing reports of this storm.

FebSnow-2011_04 copy

These native yaupons are really pretty this time of year. It's the only reason I don't dig them up because they spread and are hard to keep contained the rest of the year. But the birds at our feeders are happy! I took the photo below out of our kitchen window – amazing how clear it is with the window and screen between me and the bird.


The rosy finch (I think that's what it is) and the yellow-throated bird below it are both outside the kitchen window. My husband, the biologist, who tells me what these birds are is probably shaking his head as he reads this. Steve, you know me, I have too many other things in my head to remember bird names. Except cardinals, vultures, and red-tailed hawks – those I reliably remember.




And I do have lots of cardinals, male and female both, at the back feeder.


I'm not really complaining about being snow-bound. I've been able to get a lot done and I only had to get out twice yesterday. I do hope the roads are clear on Monday morning, though, because I get a crown on my tooth at 8:00 and then braces on my front teeth at 9:00. Then it's off to Oklahoma City to see mom and Christy for a couple of days.


10 thoughts on “Is anyone feeling bad for Jerry Jones?

  1. Nice bird photos! I can’t identify the first one, but the second one is a purple finch (not a rosy finch as I have misled you for years – I learn something new every day), then the third one is an American Goldfinch – haven’t seen one of those in a while, then a male cardinal. Nice to not see any house sparrows.


  2. hehe…I prefer to call the ‘purple’ finch a ‘rosy’ one….it’s a color thing.
    So Steve, have you jumped in the pool lately??
    The bird pix are great even through the screen! Even though I am not a fan of cardinals, I really like your shot of him in among the pines. [i am on the west coast where we have jays] I am going to google ‘yaupon’ because that is an interesting picture, would make a great bg for a quilt….*wink*


  3. I love the Cardinals, especially with a background of snow. We were talking about the super bowl just now and who I feel sorry for are all the people who wait all year for the “game of the year” and can’t even get there to use their tickets. Just isn’t fair, is it? Our temps have been 68 one day and the next is 38 – then 58 – wish it would make up it’s mind.


  4. I have to admit Ive been wondering if those 4 men who have been to every super bowl are already in town. If not, Ill bet they get flown in on a special small plane. Love Field has some short runways open and some people are flying in on small, private planes. DFW may have more runways open now – I havent checked in a while.


  5. It’s hard for me to believe those photos of are you yard in Texas. All that white stuff which I keep threatening to send to TX, Florida and Phoenix – well, that’s just joking to me. Never thought you’d really get it or that it would stick around. Your bird photos are wonderful. And I think my cardinal went to visit you cause we haven’t seen any since October.
    Good luck on Monday. I wouldn’t want to get up and be getting a crown at 8 AM. Ulck. But I guess that means you’ll be home early. I’ll be thinking of you.


  6. Vicky: Last Saturday we had a high temperature in the 70s – a real contrast to the single digits we have had lately, and yes, I did jump in the pool! But I have not been in since the pool iced over. I hope to be in at least once every month, but February may be a stretch – we’ll see!


  7. Outstanding photos of the birds! You are right snow on top of ice makes for bad driving…Of course the snow on your pool makes me laugh since I live in MN.


  8. LOL, Becky….I’m here in central Texas about 90 miles south of Dallas…and let me just say…Burrrrrrrrr. I imagine that Mr. Jones was chewing her fingernail off worrying about all the snow…..hehehehehehe


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