Where did the week go?

Seriously, 7 days have passed and while I thought about writing a post, I never was able to stop long enough to do it. Here’s a quick catch-up:

Lafayette was wonderful! I left during a flashy thunderstorm and am back in Texas where it may not rain until fall. We are looking at a long, hot, dry summer. It happens.

I spent a full day catching up on the papers on my desk. Now that I have both mine and mom’s it takes longer. Her stuff is still in transition so it seems that there is always another address to change or call to make. That will get better.

Linda and I have worked on finishing the manuscript for the next book. Here’s a small sample of what you will see in about a year…


I quilted some more. Still loving the Sweet Sixteen. I promise details in a few days. This is where I hope to pick up today:


It is still in the machine where I was when I shut down Friday afternoon.

We had everyone for dinner last night: Chris and Lorna and Jack, my mom and sister. Jack stayed overnight and we watched Star Wars and ate popcorn – what a night!

This morning Jack and I took mom to Lowe’s to buy flowers for her flower beds. Mom’s birthday is on Easter this year and I’ll be out of town. I often plant flowers for her for her birthday and mother’s day combined. We all went back to the duplex and got them in the ground. I’ve also done some planting at my house – and, yes, I have a gnome. I just couldn’t help myself.


And, last but not least, I’ve started amassing the stuff I can’t forget to take with me when I go on the road again. I leave April 15 for Toronto where I teach for two different guilds. I leave there and fly to Paris (via Boston) where I’ll meet up with Linda, and Linda’s sister (Judy) and cousin (Paula) for 5 days! After that Linda and I go on to teach at the quilt show in Nantes. This is one of those trips where instead of packing more it’s important to pack less. So I’m trying to really be careful about what I pack, hence the growing pile on my dresser. Dresserpile

I promise to write more posts this coming week. I do think there’s chance that things may be a little less hectic!

2 thoughts on “Where did the week go?

  1. I just listed to your pod cast with Pat Sloan, what fun that was. Have a great time in France. Working at a tax office this time of year, we are watching the eagles when we can and absolutely love it. Your blog is such a fun read.


  2. I think there is something in your very windy air that makes things hectic! Just got home from visiting there. We shopped nonstop yesterday and did a whirlwind on the campus taking pictures. Some of the cap and gown and fountains and wind are hilarious! Had a great burger and fried pickles and the feet will heal. Thought of you while there!


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