We got up at 6:00 (and no one was happy about that) and we were on the RER (train) by 8:00. Good thing because you have to go then to be at the front of the line. You want to be at the front of the line because otherwise there are people EVERYWHERE! The inside photos were OK but outside were better…

image from

I took lots of pictures of Celia and the best ones were when she didn't know.

image from

Look at me petting that huge vase.

image from

After we walked Versailles, we went out to the gardens. It costs more but way worth it. Linda, Judy, and Paula rented a golf cart, Celia and I walked. Both were good choices. Lots of fountains.

image from

A beautiful day…

3 thoughts on “Versailles!

  1. I was at Versailles in March, too early in the year for the fountains to run. Lucky you, to be able to see them! It is a spectacular place but very crowded.


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