From the Airing of the Quilts…

…in Huntsville, TX. Actually, I taught near Houston before coming to Huntsville – at The Quilter's Crossing. A cute shop in Tomball, TX. I lectured the night before at the meeting of the Tri-County Quilt Guild in Cypress, TX. (I've been in a variety of towns in the Houston/Huntsville area the last many days.)


This was the 10th annual Airing of the Quilts on the town square in Huntsville. Quilts were hung all over the place. Off the second store railing of the courthouse balcony:


Along the street:


And in the shaded grassy area around the courthouse:


I was in the featured quilter booth right by the courthouse. I visited with people for most of the day. My quilts hung on the stage of the old theater. It was cool in the morning and it got pretty darned warm later in the afternoon (it is Texas after all). Luckily there was a breeze/stiff wind all day. People kept commenting that I was sitting on a slant – it wasn't until I saw this photo that I understood why. It didn't feel that slanted – there are streets in Sherman like this. The road is graded high in the center to encourage the rain to run off the road.


There was entertainment throughout the day. Lots of music and in the afternoon there was a perfomance by the Ballet Folklorico from Dallas. Those are glasses of water on their heads!


In other news – my sister ended up in the hospital while I've been gone. Her shunt closed up and it turns out that it has been failing and no one knew so her dialysis sessions haven't cleaned her blood much. She fell, mom fell… I got one of those "oh my" text messages in the middle of my class on Wednesday.

But you know what? My son and daughter-in-law were there in a flash. Christy rode in her first Sherman ambulance to the new hospital in town. She is much better now. Mom is OK. They didn't have to deal with this trauma alone and that's why they moved to Sherman. Seriously, it could be worse. AND, the day after the medical meltdown we got a contract on mom's house in OKC. Oh happy day! No one is counting any chickens until the sale is complete but we are all breathing easier. And all this while I am away from home. I am thankful for the technology that keeps me touch when I'm gone.



4 thoughts on “From the Airing of the Quilts…

  1. I’m glad things are okay in Sherman! I know it was easier for everyone to pitch in and help with them there. Looks like a fun day in Huntsville! Hope there is good weather like that in Sherman next weekend for graduation!


  2. I know you are thankful for technology that keeps you touch while you are gone. I bet you are glad too, that you don’t have to dance with water on your head !


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