With the grandkids…

Chris and Lorna are off on a weekend away – without the kids! Steve and I have them for a couple of nights and then they are with their other grandparents. I love my grandchildren and we’ve had fun today. I have to also say that I’m going to be happy to see Judy tomorrow!

We went to park this morning, with swords:


We hit Strbucks for coffer and hot chocolate and a frappacino for Elanor. We went to the pet store to see the ferrets and fish, turtles and lizards. As always, seeing these animals caged up makes both Steve and me a little sad. Steve did his early work on herps (lizards and snakes) and we both like them better in the wild. That said, the chamelion was pretty cool:


Of course that assumes that you can take a lizard.


Their fingers(?) are pretty cool. And the swiveling eyes are also fun to watch.

After lunch we built robots. Jack was only mildly interested, Elanor stuck with it better. Mine is on the left, then Elanor’s, the Jack’s. We’ll have to make more, later. Not tonight. I dont’ know about the rest of them, but I am already looking forward to bedtime :-).


4 thoughts on “With the grandkids…

  1. Your thoughts on spending time with grands really takes me back! Loved that time with mine and also looked forward to sending them home. It is still very special now that they are adults and we do things like mani/pedis and shopping. I’m still glad/worn out when the day ends! Enjoy!


  2. robots! perfect project for this summer, thank you. i have grand-girls every weekend, well, my son does, but he lives here, so i say i have them. i have started them on hand sewing, but new ideas are always welcome!
    naps are a must!


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