Sitting and thinking…

I had (minor) surgery Monday to open my tear duct. I am now officially tired of taking it easy. I have to limit my activities because of the possibility of starting a nose bleed. I had several after the sinus surgery a few months ago and really, really don't want to start that up again. So here I sit trying not to think of all of the things I ought to be doing. Instead I find myself coming up with things I'd like to do…


…like painting a floor. I don't even have a floor that I can paint, except maybe the garage floor. There's a thought! I've saved this photo, found on Design Sponge, for at least 2 years which shows how much time I have for a project like this.

I'd also like to get all my family photos scanned so that I can actually use them. I got a coupon for Go Photo yesterday. Have any of you done this – sent off your family photos for scanning? What did you think?



4 thoughts on “Sitting and thinking…

  1. Becky,
    You can buy a flip scanner and do it yourself a whole lot cheaper. It converts photos to digital and you can then load them on your computer. So much easier.No worries about any getting lost somewhere in transit.


  2. I whole heartedly believe you should not put off what makes you happy today. This floor is a perfect example of “if you don’t like it, decorate it.” LoL Judy C sends her best wishes – no advice on the pictures as I still like to have hard copies.


  3. i like both ideas…though i agree with marlene, you can DIY. painting the garage floor would not be a restful thing….but scanning photos shouldn’t be too hard. unless you have the stick-to-the-page kind of albums…those are a pain to get the photo off, just scan the whole page.


  4. Save you photos any way. We have updated ours to videos, floppy disks, CDs, only to find that every 5 years the technology changes and you can’t see them unless you have the old equipment. LOL


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