I’m sitting on the sofa…

I had my tear duct re-opened today. My eye is feeling better, my throat is really sore (from the breathing tube), and it’s taken a while to become less fuzzy. For those of you who have not had surgery lately you may not know that Propofol is the anesthetic of choice. If it sounds familiar, that’s the drug that killed Michael Jackson. It has egg in it and I have an allergy to uncooked eggs. So I got the older drug that takes longer to metabolize.

Anyway, as I was playing on my iPad I found these photos to share…

I was reminded when I saw these river rocks in CA of how effective this big/small mix of river rocks is. As hot as it has been in the south, and how much it costs to water, may encourage me to put in more rock for next year. I thought some of you might be interested in this idea too.

And I have always loved Lynn, my editor’s, glasses leash. It goes with everything. I’d buy one but she can’t remember where. It looks like anodized aluminum wire… I think this is make-able. Again, thought I’d share the idea.

And I shopped Lands End online for a dress. I should never have opened the catalog. In my defense there was a sale, the dresses (I got the same one in 2 colors) were reasonably priced, and I didn’t get the cashmere sweater or orange wool coat. And I really did need the dresses.

Tomorrow I should be off the sofa. Christy moved yesterday to a local specialty hospital for wound care. She’s improving and in good hands. I hope Mom is resting more.

1 thought on “I’m sitting on the sofa…

  1. Glad you are improving. Do you have a cat in your lap? That always seems to help me recoup.
    I saw a tv show and then a few days later a news report both showing the new fake grasses people are using. Mostly in small yards. Looks real, lasts a long time they say. Rocks and fake grass may become more popular to landscape with considering this weather pattern we are stuck in.


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