Marking things off the list…

It seems strange to blog about normal things after so many days of blogging about life, death, and family but my life is getting back to normal and I like normal a lot.

Remember this?


This is the dresser (with matching chest) that Steve was stripping for our bedroom in August. I wrote about it here. After much work, stripping and sanding and refinishing we ended up with two pieces that looked like this:


Luckily we like a distressed look because the paint would just not all come off. These pieces date to the 1950s and are solid and work well but the ends of each piece is masonite! We were both surprised by that. (FYI:  I spray painted the hardware.)

After living with these pieces unfinished for a while I decided to wallpaper the ends. Wallpaper is not very popular right now unless it is high-end, art-y, and expensive. I didn't have time for an internet search and I really didn't want to spend a fortune so I went to Lowe's where the selection is limited but interesting. I ended up with a pattern called 'purple lace' – in brown and green. The saleswoman and I had to puzzle over that for a while, hoping that the roll would come in the correct color and not purple.


Here's my dresser:


Steve says he likes our old furniture better but Mom is using it and she likes it better too :-).

Also on my list is to take photos of the finished rooms at Mom's house. I've tried and it's not as easy as it sounds. But it is on the list!

3 thoughts on “Marking things off the list…

  1. Ahhhh yes the ” normal ” thing.
    Do you know that an old Chinese curse was ” may you live in interesting times”
    Becky , I hope you and your Mom now have a period of staid and settled times, and that your only dilemma is matching furniture.


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