Oh well, what are you going to do?

You may or may not know that Quilt Market is going on now in Houston. Linda and I are usually there, but this year we don't have anything new enough to warrant showing it in a booth. We both like being home, so we stayed home.

We found out this morning that we had been signed up to teach a Take & Teach class. That is a 1 1/2 hour class for 35 people where you show a new technique or highlight a new fabric or book. These are good classes to go to if you are a shop owner or teacher. We enjoy teaching them.

We sign up to teach these classes almost a year in advance and we thought this one, that was scheduled for the wrong market because we had nothing particularly new, had been cancelled. We were blissfully unaware that we left 35 quilters in an empty room yesterday. Oh my. It's the sort of thing that I might have had nightmares about if I had ever imagined it happening.

As it is, all we can do is apologize and try to think of something that will make these 35 people happy. First, we have to find out who they are. If you are one of those people please know that we wouldn't have done this to you if we had had a clue that we were on the schedule. Email me.

So what was I doing yesterday when I was supposed to be in Houston? I cleaned house with Steve. I sort of enjoy cleaning my house, especially when we do it together. He does the wet stuff, I dust and impose order. I very much enjoy putting things back in place. Once the house was clean I painted the front door, and the screen door. This has been on my list for a year. The door and screen door used to be red:


I liked the color, I was just tired of it. And the colors in the house didn't work with the red any more. When I painted mom's front door deep blue, I knew I wanted to use the same color on my doors. Our doors. Steve does live here too.



The 2nd photo shows the color better. It's not electric, nor is it purple at all. It is a good, deep, rich blue. If you look at the photo above you can see that it opens into a space with a carribean blue. These are blues that only sort of work together but I like the dynamic. It reminds of the best kind of Mexican color combinations. Steve likes it. AND I get to mark this task off of my list.

Earlier this week Mom decided that she was ready to give away Christy's clothes and shoes. We each went through and each found things that we would happily wear. Then I called a couple of my friends who are Christy's size and they got to go shopping today. More tomorrow.

My sister had boots – lots of boots – and I was sincerely sorry to have feet too big for her boots but Laurie and Karen were very, very happy. Interestingly enough, Laurie and my sister were just about identical in size. Laurie went home with bags of clothes. I have no idea how she will fit them all into her closet.

What's left goes to the Crisis Center tomorrow afternoon. Christy would be pleased. She was a practical and generous person. She loved her clothes and shoes. She would be happy to see other people wear them rather than to leave them gathering dust. Mom has plenty to remind her of Christy. She doesn't need a room full of clothes.

18510-11The other news, and I am again burying this at the bottom of my post, is that I have added fabric to the web site.

This is fabric from Moda that we did not design. I just like it. A lot. I didn't order a lot of this stuff because I'm waiting to see if you like it too. There are fat quarter packs, no yardage. At this point I don't have room for bolts of fabric. I might make room for bolts of fabric if it turns out that you all like the fat quarters. Click here and here and here to see what I have.

I only have four of each fat quarter pack. I don't know if that's a lot or not enough. I might or might not be able to get more of these fabrics.

I'll probably send a newsletter later in the week letting everyone know what's new but I'm also still trying to guage how long it takes to fill orders when a lot of them come at once.

I tell you what, being an eRetailer is an interesting experience.  So far I'm learning a new thing every day. If I ship you an order and you want to let me know anything about your experience (good or bad), please do email me. I'm happy to learn how to do a better job.


7 thoughts on “Oh well, what are you going to do?

  1. Becky,
    Don’t be so rough on yourself for missing the Market class. I’ve been on the business side of many conferences and events, though nothing as big as Houston’s Market. Don’t put all the responsibility on yourself for the mix up. Surely someone on the organizer’s end should have been emailing you or calling you prior to the event to confirm with you.


  2. I really love the blue door! Mine is currently red, as yours was. I couldn’t paint mine blue, however, as it opens into a reddish type interior. It wouldn’t look nearly as good as yours does!! AND, my DH would be disappointed; he loves the red door, too.
    I think you need to give yourself a “pass” for missing the Quilt Market class. You’ve had a VERY busy year and an emotionally trying year, also. Maybe this is a learning moment for the organizers of the Houston market to confirm or somehow otherwise make sure that their ducks are all in a row, marching toward their classes to teach — maybe mention that to them, huh?
    I love it when people who are my size want to pass along clothes that are still good. I have NO, absolutely NO patience with people who throw perfectly wearable clothes in the trash! It’s soooooo wasteful!
    I really like that you and your Mom don’t do that. We are making Mother Earth sick with our wasteful ways and we need to re-think what we are doing. Thanks to both of you for that — good job!.
    I really like the fabric. My DH and I just got finished with an addition to our house of two rooms (one a sewing room for me — 16’X24′ and one a new bedroom for us) and I promised him I wouldn’t buy anything fabric related for at least 6 months OR I would buy at least 2 or 3 of the fat quarters OR a layer cake. I know that doesn’t help you with the “will they buy that” thing, but thought since I was being “chatty” today, I would add that.


  3. Becky please give yourself a pass on conversations with your Mother. Remember getting old is hard for them. My Mom once said getting older has taken away her sense of “being”. She said we don’t need her anymore (always comes around Thanksgiving) She thinks we don’t want her to cook and that is her “job”. Last year we had dinner catered and she has proclaimed she will no longer cook. Now she can’t remember things. She feels bad because she knows she repeats herself. It is an honor setting up calendars and notebooks with info she can refer to on her own and making sure she is involved in planning celebrations and make sure she retains her dignity. She was a very talented quilter, so we keep her busy helping us pick out fabric (like thats a problem), making suggestions and staying involved. It is not always easy but it is a gift to get a chance to help her as she did all her life for us.


  4. Becky,
    The quilts are beautiful and especially the one that is characteristic of all you designs, the one with all the houses. I don’t have all your books but I wonder if you sell that pattern, or even better, a kit.


  5. Hi Becky,
    I travelled from Australia to attend Quilt Market. I booked your class for the Saturday hoping to meet you and learn something new. I was sorry you did not make it, there were 35 disappointed people in the room.
    I like the blue for the door.


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