Giving thanks…

I give thanks that I have a family I love, that I am healthy and happy, and that I'm only 55. As I see it I'm early 3rd quarter – if I live to be 100 I'm not much past half way. Good thing because there is still so very much to do!

I don't know about you, but we worked our asses off for four solid days. Actually, I'm up 4 pounds so I only wish I had worked some of it off. There you go. It's possible that the very fine Thanksgiving dinner was more calorie-rich than I thought it would be.

So, what did we do? Wednesday when Steve got out of class he, mom, and I went to Twin Oaks to buy trees and shrubs. The pickup was seriously loaded and I didn't take a photo. Oh well. The Shumard red oak was the biggest of the bunch. Steve dug a 24" x 24" x 24" hole in black clay which is not easy work.


It looks really good!

Planting-5 copy

The wheel barrow in the foreground is full of liriope that I dug up so that I could plant the two Knock-Out rose bushes. I dug up more the next day so that I could move some chrysanthemums to make room for another bush.


Steve planted crepe myrtles and an abelia at the side of the house. They will look really good in a year or so.


In the back I planted some bushes. And the grass that got dug up in the front I planted in the bare spot in the back. The previous owner had a storage shed that is oh-so-gone now. Mom had topsoil put in. There is a big 'bare spot' that you can't see off to the right to fill.


In Mom's bitty back yard there's now a weeping yaupon. The one I planted 17 years ago is amazing now.


And we planted a Chinese pistache and an Oklahoma redbud that I didn't take pictures of. And a Texas redbud near the driveway. I've gotta say that when Mom was telling me what all she wanted to plant I was skeptical that it would all fit AND look good. She was right. Looks good and it all should fit as it grows. Mom is going to live in a forest if everything lives.

The rest of our weekend was spent getting out and putting up Mom's Christmas stuff, my Christmas stuff, and our outside lights (not a huge deal, we throw red lights at a big bush, a small tree, and a tree trunk), cleaning house and a whole lot of other small stuff.

Steve put in a mug rack for Mom yesterday and today. This is a built-in shelf for coffee mugs. Mom and I and Christy are/were all very much into fun mugs. With a mug rack they are on display and easy to grab. I should take a photo… Let me know if you want one.

Elanor spent the night last night. She is such a girl!!! I did her nails. We watched a movie, had popcorn. She went to bed and slept all night. Got up in a good mood. Was generally easy and pleasant all day long. She spent much of today with Mom, baking and visiting. I gotta tell you, Jack is way more work at this stage than Elanor.

I worked on real business today (which is why Elanor was with Mom). Didn't get to what I thought I would but I did put a new pattern up on the site. I'm not exactly telling everyone yet but if you've read this far you might as well know what's new, right? Click here to see. I'll probably do a separate blog post and newsletter on this later. 

Other things I'm recently thankful for… Mom got a speeding ticket on Wednesday. You'd think I'd be upset, but I'm not. She was going the speed I would go in the very same spot, she just got the ticket. I'm thankful to know she's keeping up with traffic and not driving 10 miles below the speed limit. Tomorrow I get to call and see how much her ticket is, and possibly signing her up for a defensive driving class. Should be interesting.

Steve bent the passenger door and front quarter panel on his truck. There is this 3' tall post that sticks up in the grocery store parking lot. He was parked by it but forgot about it when he went to leave. Oops. Again – this is something I can see myself doing so I'm thankful he did it for me. It's so much easier to get over it when he does it.

You know, I've realized even more this holiday than most, that Steve and I are not 'rest-ers'. When we have time off, we have projects. We did it again for the last four days. Honestly, it makes back-to-work-Monday look sort of peaceful. I don't dread the work-week! I'm happy and thankful looking back at a long weekend well-spent.



8 thoughts on “Giving thanks…

  1. We used to be the same… but the economy has stopped us. all those projects take money… oh well…. and I do want to see the mug rack.. sounds cute.


  2. Luckily Mom had set aside money for the trees and bushes and the rest of our projects didnt take a lot of cash. Trust me, I know about not having the money for big projects. Fixing the truck is going to take precedence over the SolaTube that was to be my Christmas gift. I didnt really need it so there you go. Next year.


  3. Thanks Becky for making the pattern for the wonderful quilt you made for the Alzheimer’s benefit! When I saw your quilt I was hoping you’d make a pattern for it.
    Your Mom is going to have a wonderful garden with the help of your hard work – she sounds a bit like my Mom, happiest when surrounded by nature.


  4. I love the quilt pattern. When I am on my desk top I ‘ll havte to have it it speaks to my heart and those I love wishing they were home.


  5. I would really love to see the mug rack. And thanks for the I want to go Home pattern. I loved it when I first saw it. I’m so happy to now have it in my stash of things to do. Your mom’s yard is going to be amazing in a year or two. She’s so lucky to have you and Steve. Keep up the great work! Mary Ellen


  6. I’d love to see the mug rack. We collect fun mugs too-vacations, retirements, etc.
    Your mother is going to have an awesome outdoor space. I need you to come and do my garden. Oops, never mind. I tend to kill everything.


  7. Becky, I had a reason last Christmas to be thankful when Bob & I spent the night in OKC because we were going to an OU basketball game the next day. When we arrived the parking lot was empty. When Bob got out, he found he had the wrong date. All I could do was laugh and was very thankful it was him and not me that got the dates wrong. We are trying again this December on the 10th


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