Found the elephant!


Many thanks to Jane, a faithful blog reader, who found the elephant iPhone stand online at Modcloth. Oh happy day! In addition to red and blue, it comes in gray. I know there is a fuschia one out there somewhere because that's what I bought Donna. I'd love lime green… but you know what? I am very very happy to have a blue one heading my way!

If you are interested in an elephant for yourself, click here. While I was there I browsed the sale pages and found a solar powered Queen Elizabeth…


Her hand waves when she is exposed to sunlight! Seriously, I could not resist. When the box comes this will go to Steve to put with the rest of the 'presents' I've bought for him to stuff my stocking with. I promise to be surprised Christmas morning. 

It's possible that I got the last waving Queen E but I found her dressed in pink here if you need one as well. 


6 thoughts on “Found the elephant!

  1. Becky, I bought one of those Queens for my mom – I found it in a shop when we were on holidays in San Francisco last spring. When I was a kid, my mom and Grandma used to say goodbye by “waving like the Queen” – which always made them laugh. Needless to say, Mom was thrilled with her waving Queen and puts her in a window where she catches the morning sun.


  2. Becky, this is totally off topic, but I have seen your spectacular display at the Pour l’Amour du Fil (I have no idea what that means) as featured in Quiltmania No. 84. The couch you and Linda are pictured on is to die for – is there a story to tell. Was it made in the US and shipped? It is just fantastic – every home should have one!


  3. Ha!! Love it that I am not the only one who buys my own stocking stuffers and gifts. I have a few things I’ve purchased that I won’t let myself look at or play with until Christmas.


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