From the east coast…

As I said, I’ve been visiting Jeff in Baltmore. We went to NYC on Friday to see what we could see. This is one of the Bergdorf windows. The crowds were crazy so we really didn’t spend much time looking at them or others. We saw the tree at Rockefeller Center. Wonderful. Too many people.


The structure of these buildings reminded me of quilts… Such good lines and colors and textures.




And the cloud formation above us reminded Jeff and me of dandelions in the wind.


The end of the line was marked with these black and white containers. A reminder of how powerful a black and white pattern is.

Highline-09 copy

We visited the Guggenheim, a museum I will want to visit again.


I loved the interlocking circular patterns that are everywhere inside. Even the water fountains are wonderfully round. The water drops were beautiful… at least I thought so. Jeff shook his head and pretended he didn’t know me when I was taking this photo.


NYC is full of strange and wonderful things. Everywhere you look. Seriously, this is the strangest gargoyle I have ever seen…


We took a MegaBus to and from NYC, got home late. We slept in Saturday and went shopping in Baltimore. I spotted this doorway…


Have fun and be lucky… it kind of says it all, does it not? Almost as good as live long and prosper. Except I’m not saying it with a tattoo.


Bought this papercut at the Charm City Craft Fair. Great, wonderful craft show! Maybe the best I’ve every shopped.


Saw the costumed lady with the snow globe headdress a couple of times. I never did stop and ask exactly what the costumes were for. Why didn’t I? Because Jeff would have disowned me. He prefers to take this sort of thing in stride without fuss. So I suppose that means you and I both can imagine a story to go with the photo. They were really nice and smiled graciously when I took their photo.


Today we went to Washington DC. We walked some more which is good. I keep eating and need to walk it off.

The grass on the national mall needs to be walked on less. It’s pretty sad. The buildings are impressive but they would look a lot better if the grass was good. The crowds were light, the weather was crisp and pretty, people were pleasant. Doesn’t get much better.

LincolnMemorial-01 copy

I took this shadow photo of me and Jeff. I like these things.


The reflecting pool between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial is being renovated. This view would be a lot better with water in the pool but Jeff still looks nice, doesn’t he?

WashingtonMemorial-02 copy

I took the photo of the White House from between the irons of the fence. For a house, it’s pretty impressive but it’s not as big as most of the buildings around it. That said, for a house, it’s very nice! Glad I don’t live there. I’m happier being a quilter than I’d be as a politician.

WhiteHouse-01 copy

We are now in for the night. Tomorrow will be a quiet day and then I go home. Lots to do there so I am going to enjoy tomorrow.



3 thoughts on “From the east coast…

  1. Three great cities in one weekend — LUCKY woman. Thanks especially for the pics of NYC. I crave that place. Enjoy the peace tomorrow. 😉


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