From Titusville…

I spent Monday and Tuesday in Jacksonville, FL, with the All Stars Quilt Guild. One of the ladies in my class, Carol, took photos and blogged about the class. You can read her post here.

Carol asked me before class started if I minded if she took photos which was fine with me. She was really subtle, I never noticed her doing it. She ended up taking photos that I would love to take myself but am always too busy teaching to be able to do.

So I'm sending a thank you to Carol and all of the All Stars for making my visit to Jacksonville so nice!

I spent Wed and Thurs in Titusville which was also lovely. I had no idea that the Kennedy Space Center is there. I sort of saw it off in the distance. I am now in Port St Lucie where I have the afternoon off. I think I'm going to go look at the ocean.

2 thoughts on “From Titusville…

  1. Thanks again for the great class in Jacksonville and for linking to my post. I had a comment from a lady who took your Whirlygig class so I hopped over to see her very happy COMPLETED quilt. I’m putting this class on my wish list!


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