Fabric mash-ups…

I like to use big, happy prints on the back of my quilts. When I see a fabric that looks like a good back, I buy 1-2 yards of it which is never enough for a whole quilt back. I do this to myself on purpose because it forces me to sew different fabrics together rather than resorting to using the same quilt over the whole back. It makes me crazy on the day I have to choose the fabric but the results always make me happy.

These are the fabrics I chose to mash together today. This is from the Floral Folio collection by Cary Phillips from Clothworks:


And this is Frog Prince from the Prince Charming collection by Tula Pink. Look close for the hidden images…


Look at them sewn together…


These are not fabrics that I ever thought about using together but darned if they don't look really good together. I love a good mash-up!

2 thoughts on “Fabric mash-ups…

  1. Goodness, such a simpler way to bring some variety to my quilts…I’vebeen buying 5 yds and then muttering if I have to piece in a stripe but now I’ll buy less of more prints, sounds like fun!


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