From Florida…

I arrived in Punta Gorda, FL, last Tuesday with a cold, sinus infection, and stopped up ears. Luckily I had a prescription for the sinus infection and colds do get better. The ladies at the Peace River Quilt Guild took good care of me and I was careful to keep my germs to myself as I taught. Lots and lots of hand washing!

I didn't go out and about much in Punta Gorda because of my cold but I have to say that the hotel room was really very nice. I was at a Four Points by Sheraton that has a nautical theme. How often do you get decorating ideas from a hotel room! I decided to share them with you:


All along the window wall was an open shelf with a window seat cushion on either side of the window and baskets for stuff below. There was an opening for the air from the AC unit, but the unit itself was pretty well hidden. This simple and functional design would work well in a lot of homes.

The curtains had huge grommets at the top that the stainless steel curtain rod went through. Functional and clean-looking. The pillows on the window seats were eye-catching:


These are stenciled but they would be very easy to piece. Simple lines, simple mix of colors… I wouldn't mind having them at home.

And then there was the bathroom door…


If I ever get to build a house (not likely) I want to have sliding doors. I love the way they work and look. Don't know that I'd need the porthole window in the door, but it worked with the nautical theme.

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