Back home, back to work…

Our biggest news is that Jeff, youngest son, newly minted PhD, is going to be joining the faculty in the Biostatistics Department at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health in New York City! Do you remember the commercial with the cowboy (or was it a movie with a cowboy?) and the way he said ‘New York City!”? That’s what I was thinking when I heard the news. I wish I could find that clip on youtube…

Update: Many thanks to Julia for telling me where to find the Pace Picante Sauce commercial that I couldn’t remember! I’ve added it below:

Jeff is very excited as are we. It’s going to be lots of fun to visit him :-).

I’ve finally cleared the top of my desk. It won’t last but I’m enjoying it for now. I’m about to go baste a quilt for a new book. I’m using a batt I haven’t tried before: Mountain Mist Cream Rose.


It appears to be everything I want in a batt:

  • 100% unbleached cotton
  • It’s washed so won’t lead an oily residue
  • It’s needleds you can quilt up to 6″ apart although I will quilt much closer than that

I had been using, and recommending, bamboo batting. I liked it but had made the switch
mostly for environmental reasons. Once I found out that there are concerns about the processing, I decided to switch back to cotton. 

In other news, Steve and I are babysitting Jack for a couple of nights.


Jack-03-22-2012 copy

 Christopher is attending a conference and Lorna went with him. Elanor is with Lorna’s parents. Jack and I have been to Target to buy Star Wars figures and now he’s mostly keeping himself busy with them. Which is good because I need to start basting that quilt once I sign off, which is now!




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