AAQI 2012 sampler quilt, ready for quilting!

I finished the applique while I was out of town. The quilt is now set together and basted. I love it!

AAQI-SamplerImage-07 copy

To plan the quilting designs I placed frosted vinyl over the top and drew with a Sharpie, doodling different quilting designs over the top. I think I've figured out how to proceed in most areas. 


TIP: It's a good idea to cut a big enough piece of vinyl so that you don't risk going off onto the fabric with your Sharpie. I know that I should run painter's tape along the cut edge of the vinyl to stop the pen, but I'm always in too much of a hurry for that. If you look closely at the bottom of the photo above you can see that I was lucky to stop drawing where I did. Maybe next time I'll use the tape!

I hope to get this mostly quilted this weekend, in between other things that are going on. It would be great to have this off the list by Monday morning when we begin our summer construction project.

Remember last year when we remodeled Mom's house? This summer we are helping Christopher replace the bad siding on the side and back of his house. There are two windows and exterior French doors to be replaced which leads to sheetrock repairs inside. Lots of painting outside and in. We think we can get it done in 3 weeks if all 3 of us stay focused and work fast. Texas weather is about to hit 100 and stay there which is an incentive to get it finished.

I'll take pictures. Stay tuned…

9 thoughts on “AAQI 2012 sampler quilt, ready for quilting!

  1. Good luck with the work party – hope the weather cools for you. I for one will want to buy the pattern. I hope to make it as a wall hanging. Just lovely pattern and thanks for the tutorial on how to audition quilting designs.


  2. I free motion without marking the top, but it isnt random. I know where Im going because Ive sketched it out on the vinyl. Admittedly, this takes some skill. But you know what? If you practice, youll acquire the skill. I recommend practicing your free motion quilting on baby quilts or donation quilts – made primarily for non-quilters. The recipient will appreciate any stitches and you get great practice.


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