Days 2 and 3…

It's hot outside! What were we thinking!!! Of course, we were thinking that this is when we had time to spend on the remodel. But still – it's hot. But enough of that. Yesterday we (mostly Steve and Chris) worked on the new window for the bedroom wall. Here's the before…

BrockettBefore-WindowWall-01 copy

And after…

BrockettBefore-WindowWall-02 copy

Steve and Chris got the inside wall sheetrocked (because the new window is smaller than the old window). They didn't finish putting up the Hardie panels outside because of electrical and small window complications. 

Side note: I was gone much of Tuesday. I took Elanor and Jack to swimming lessons and then I had promised to take mom to the Appraisers Court. Long story short is that she paid more for her house than it was worth. She had to to buy a house close to us. Her taxes went up because she overpaid for her house – which she did so that she was close.

Mom had her house appraised, we went before the board, they were receptive to her story and her taxes will be where they should be. It took the afternoon, but it was worth it. And honestly, I was impressed. This board is staffed by volunteers and they do a hard job. They do not routinely rubber stamp challenges to the appraised value set by the county. But if you can show why the appraised value is incorrect, they listen.

Today, Steve, Chris and I went back to working on the side door area. Steve had meetings on campus through the middle of the day so Chris and I worked together for much of the day. I looked hard at the old door and decided it had to go. Chris and I went to buy, and then installed, a new pre-hung door. That went pretty fast and it looks good.

If you look to the right of the door you can almost see some black on the wall. Those are the holes Chris drilled so that he can attach the new light fixture. We spent and hour or more getting a new electric box in place so that the new light fixture can be attached to the wall. It's this sort of thing that eats a day away. But it's gotta be done.

BrockettBefore-SidePorch-04 copy

Steve was back at the end of the day and helped Chris get the wall to the garage (on the left) finished and he got a brace under the threshold for the new door.

A complication is that Steven's pickup was rear-ended by a pizza delivery guy last week. No one was hurt but the poor kid's bitty car was totaled. Steve's truck has some real damage too and it is going to have to go into the shop tomorrow. The tailgate won't go down and I gotta say, that is a significant issue when you are remodeling and hauling stuff.

Geico (the kid's insurer) has been OK, but not really fast. Today we called our insurance guy (from State Farm) and I think the truck repair will get going. That said, I'm glad we got the side door today when we still had a truck to get it with. 

Tomorrow I am painting the bedroom, inside. In the cool. I'll feel guilty but it has to be done. Steve and Chris are working on soffits and then maybe moving on to the garage door side of the garage. I hope to have pictures tomorrow…




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