Gotta brag on the kids!

Mom, Steve, and I got to see the last performance of Sarah, Plain and Tall on Sunday. 

Elanor-Chris_SarahPlainAndTall-01 copy

I knew I would think that my son and granddaughter were very good – which they were! I really didn’t think that I would be as moved by the whole play as I was. I got a bit weepy and so did many others in the audience. Mostly the women, but that’s typical. Christopher played the brother of Sarah – a big but not huge role. He was perfect! And Elanor, who played Violet, one of Anna’s friends, was way better than I had any idea she would be. Darned if that girl doesn’t make you look at her even when she’s not doing much. I was proud.

Elanor_SarahPlainAndTall-01 copy

Instead of cut flowers that fade, I made Elanor a paper flower bouquet. It was really cute and will last a lot longer. Christopher, who did not want or need flowers, got an extension ladder. He has to get up on his roof often and he needs a safe ladder. Now he has one.

Today I went to lunch at my friend Jacquie’s house. I was there on a color consult – although Jacquie’s house is so cool it was hard to find something to give advice on. The house is over 100 years old and quirky. And wonderful!

I took a few photos to share with you. I should have taken more because Jacquie does some way cool things in her house. So, first, for the cat folks amoung you…


Jacquie and Todd have 4 cats – and no cat smell! That in itself is amazing. One cat, Dixie Edwards, is a very active cat so Jacquie installed a series of shelves all the way around her office, mostly up high, for Dixie to climb on. They could be book shelves, but aren’t. The silver brackets came from IKEA. Jacquie covered the first several with a sisal sort of material but she said she’s going to take that off and make them sleeker in appearance.

FYI – that black tree and birds on the wall is a decal.


There’s Dixie and some of the most fun, weird book shelves thatI’ve ever seen. The green behind the books is paint.


Dixie was performing for me. You can see that the shelves mostly hug the ceiling and are a varying lengths. What a GREAT idea!


I didn’t get a good photo of these but I gotta tell you, these photos were amazing. Many of us have similar framed photos/faux paintings in our family. Alone, they are pretty bad. But when you put them together to tell a story – they become priceless! That’s Todd, his grandfather, and mother. In their original frames! I love it!

I worked on a new video today but it will be late tomorrow before I get it uploaded.


2 thoughts on “Gotta brag on the kids!

  1. I should not be surprised that a talented quilter would hang out with talented friends! There are five cats in our home, varying ages and various rescues, and I do think the younger ones would love something like those shelves! What a great idea!!! And those book shelves with books on them – oh, my! Great idea! The best thing we have here – for now – is my sewing machine between two windows that overlook a little garden space and a bird feeder. Sometimes a couple – or one – cat will sit on either side of the table and watch the birds and chipmunks! Of course, they’re always testing to make sure fabric is comfortable.
    Thanks for this blog. It’s always fun and mostly inspiring!


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