Star Wars lives on…

I am a fan of Star Wars. Our sons played the first 3 movies (that are actually the last 3 movies) so much in their youth that I know the dialog by heart. Now grandson Jack, at 4 1/2, is a fan of Star Wars AND the Clone Wars animated series (which is actually pretty good).

Jack's favorite toys are Legos, especially Star Wars Legos. He's growing his hair out to look more like the guys he sees in Star Wars. (Really!? The mens' hair was bad in the movies and it's still bad – but kids don't see it that way. Sigh. My grandson sports Star Wars hair and I love him so I suppose I can learn to love the hair.)

Today I ran across these travel posters by Steve Thomas that feature famous Star Wars locales. What a great idea to combine the Art Deco style with these imagined places… like Alderon:


Gotta love the Death Star moon.

I am so tempted to buy one of these (not this one, it's sold out – but there are others). I'm not sure who should get it. Jack? Chris? Jeff? Maybe Steve needs one in the Dean's office… If I could afford it I'd get one for each of them. (Birthday and Christmas season is coming – you guys should let me know if you want one.)

OK – enough of this. Now I must get back to work. I'm quilting baby quilts. I'll have more to show on that very soon!

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