Welcome back, Mr. Rogers…

I seem to be finding videos this week. I heard about this one featuring Mr. Rogers on All Things Considered last week and finally hunted it down. You may have seen it – I had not. It literally brought a tear to my eye. More than one tear — and it put a big grin on my face.

(This is the best use of Auto-Tune ever.)


You might also love the Bob Ross ReMix (remember his happy trees?). What the hay, here it is. More grins.


You might also love the Julia Child Remix. Click the link, once there you'll find other videos from NPR. 


4 thoughts on “Welcome back, Mr. Rogers…

  1. It takes me way back to when our son was little in the 80s and would sit with him to watch all of these programs while I quilted ! Made brownies and started dinner in the afternoon before his dad came home..It was domestic bliss !!! Izzy


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