2012 Celebrity Quilt Auction, #6

Sentinels at Sunset II: Someone To Watch Over Me by Ricky Tims…


And May the Lord Bless You… by me!


Any of these 12 quilts could be yours. This is a great opportunity to donate to a very worthy cause AND receive an amazing quilt in return. All you have to do is bid! Ami says I can post the link to the bidding page after Noveber 1.


2 thoughts on “2012 Celebrity Quilt Auction, #6

  1. Hi Becky, I bought your perle cotton 12 and the Crewel Needle, size 9 and I cant get it threaded . Do you use it as one strand or do you separate the strands..I am having a hard time getting it through the needle.


  2. Hi Izzy:
    You can thread the perle cotton two ways. Use the quilters needle threader that I have on the site OR put a little bit of the end of the thread in your mouth. Dampen it. Smash it flat with your lips and/or your teeth. You may need to dampen and smash 2-3 times.
    Cut the thread flat, not at an angle.
    Dont split the strands. Perle cotton is not designed for that.
    I did find a different needle at market and I hope to have it in stock in a couple of weeks. If you have one, try a size 7 or 9 sharp. The eye is rounder and the needle is stout enough to work.
    Hope this helps,


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