Seen in Houston…

Quilt Market is sort of like Festival – but not. You see all sorts of wonderful things but can buy very little. Unless you are a shop owner buying lots and lots. I am a small potatoes buyer. I concentrated on notions but I did enjoy looking at the splashy fabric booths. Moda had the best booth… 


I applaud whoever thought this up. I want a mobile made from paint sticks!


And I’d like to have those chair covers too.


So many booths had great displays. Well, I take it back. Some booths had great displays. I really liked this and I think it was in Anna Maria Horner’s booth. The chalkboard behind the mannequin is such a good idea. This reminded me that I still haven’t painted a chalkboard wall in my house. Are you like me in that you need a solid month of no commitments to catch up?


Amy Butler’s booth was lovely, as always. But I have to admit that I paid way more attention to those portraits than I did to the fabric.


I don’t know who painted them, maybe Amy did. I want those paintings in the worst way…


This woman looks a little cranky, but I like her anyway…


I’ve got more pictures to share tomorrow.

For those of you who know that Jeff, my son, lives in NYC, I should tell you that he is fine. He lives on the upper west side in Manhattan and they never lost power. Their building swayed some. I am very thankful that he is safe and sound. He has many friends who are not nearly so lucky. 

I know we all are sending prayers and good thoughts to those who are living through this nightmare. It feels wrong somehow that today was an amazingly beautiful day in north Texas. That said, I think it makes sense to be aware of the fact that life goes on. That bad things happen. And to be thankful when they don’t happen to you. Because eventually, something bad will happen to each of us – and life will go on.


3 thoughts on “Seen in Houston…

  1. Yes, life goes on. And we each need to reach out to those not so fortunate in this moment because somewhere, sometime it will be us.
    Fabulous portraits, I haven’t seen them shown in blog land before, thanks Becky.


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