Hot dog!

I am not a hot dog eater but there must be millions and millions of people who are. How do I know this? Because I just watched the following video. It is an amazing display of the mechanization of food production. It's like a dance – with latex gloves, hair nets, and smocks. 

Alert: If you really love hot dogs I don't know if you should watch this. There's nothing bad that happens, it's just that the magic of hot dogs might be over for you. Now that I think of it, the 'meat' in a hot dog looks like it does because of how it's made. Just watch, you'll see. 




3 thoughts on “Hot dog!

  1. Thats what my son said, too. However, I must add that its not as bad as it looks. I might eat one hot dog every 4 years, but this video has made me more likely to eat one rather than less likely. While the filler isnt exactly appetizing looking, the meat that it starts with looks like actual meat. Thats good!


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