What to watch?

Img170x356_newsI think every one of us has a go-to movie. For Steve and me it's the newest Star Trek movie. I have no idea how many times we've watched it, but we will watch it many more times and still love it. 

I'm hunting a movie and could use some suggestions (since ours are dated). What is your favorite movie?


14 thoughts on “What to watch?

  1. One of my new favorites is Cabin in the Woods. It has a mix of scary and humor and it seriously took me by surprise. And I found a new favorite TV show on Netflix called The IT Crowd…hilarious!


  2. One of my favorites is the series Firefly and the movie that followed the series; Serenity.
    Just saw the long trailer for Star TreK: Into Darkness. Can not wait!


  3. Since you are a Star Trek fan – have you seen Galaxy Quest? My husband and I have watched it more times than I like to admit and laugh every time.


  4. That was good and worth seeing again. We went to see Skyfall and I must say it was GREAT! All the things that annoy me about that sort of movie – the bad guy won’t die, the chase scenes are too long, were absent. I agree about the Harry Potter series and I would add Lord of the Rings, though that is so sad in places. The Toy Story series makes me laugh out loud- it is so written for Baby Boomers. I watch Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry Met Sally alone and can recite all the funny lines…..


  5. 84 Charing Cross Rd. with Anne Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins, awesome movie. Under the Lighthouse Dancing ! Takes place in Australia on an island. Just for fun The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ , of course there is How to make an American Quilt ..


  6. I have to agree about 84 Charing Cross Road, its great. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen Contact but I practically know the dialogue by heart. Another favorite is Crossing Delancy with Amy Irving. And of course, I never get tired of Indiana Jones.


  7. Some of my favorites that reside in the sewing room because I love to watch them while busy are Mama Mia because it is so fun! and Blind Side because she is a strong woman with a husband who loves her just the way she is. I keep Little Women and Kate and Leopold handy, too. We also have the whole set of original Star Trek movies and watch them together quite often.


  8. “While you were Sleeping” – saw this with my dd when she was in 5th grade and we had a mom-and-me day. I’ve watched it many times since.


  9. I agree that the new Star Trek was very good. “Galaxy Quest” was hysterical. “Trekkies” was also a good laugh.
    For a visually stunning movie that will give rise to a lot of debate, I like Inception. Good soundtrack too.
    Lately, though, I have been preferring tv series. You can tell a lot more story in 12 or 13 episodes than you can in a movie. Homeland was a little heavy at times, but unbelievably good. And for sheer campy silliness, I am finding Grimm to be excellent entertainment!


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