Quilting in Grand Junction…

There are two guilds in Grand Junction and I got to visit both of them! Lovely, welcoming quilters. The weather may be cold but the quilting is warm.

I taught a class on color and improvisational quilt making and it was really fun! Everyone embraced what was, for most, a new way of cutting and sewing. They stayed busy and made good progress.


I didn't pictures of everyone because I was busy teaching, but this is Sally, below, with what will grow into the background for her Picasso's Garden quilt. That bright floral is only going to show up in small bits and I'm not sure what the plan is for the gray-blue fabric. I think she was about to decide that it didn't fit into her plan.


Daniela was working on a brighter greeen background that I like a lot. This class is fun in that no one piece is like another. Colors and sizes vary depending on what each person wants to make. Toward the end of the day it's enlightening to look around the room at the variety of choices.


Yesterday we worked with a photographer, Chad Mahlum. I don't have any of the very fine photos he took to share with you yet but I did take what I think are two good photos of Linda. Posing is hard and we did so much smiling that my cheeks are sore. Getting a photo where we both look good at the same time (and by that I mean smiling, less wrinkled, and thin) takes some effort! But when we are both in the same place and an opportunity comes where we can get a good photo of us together, we take advantage of it.



I'm in Salt Lake now, headed home to Texas. It's snowy out there but the planes are moving. I am hopeful that I do get to take off in an hour. Wish me luck!


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