Ugly fabric…

I am going to start work soon on a quilt with 'ugly fabric'. This is a project I've assigned myself as a challenge and I have a problem. I don't seem to own any fabric that I think is ugly. I did buy a piece in Grand Junction that I declared ugly on the bolt. It was so bad that I bought a whole yard of it thinking that I'd probably need that much to be able to come up with a way to use it.


Unfortunately, once I got it home I decided it wasn't actually so bad. In fact, I have a great place to use it. 

So I have what I hope is a good idea. If you have some fabric that you think is really ugly, would you please send me a small piece of it? Nothing larger than a 12" sqaure. Smaller pieces are fine. I'd appreciate it. I'm looking forward to an interesting, challenging, loss-of-control sort of challenge. I'll let you know how it goes.

Send it to: Becky Goldsmith, 919 Starlight Dr, Sherman, TX 75090


12 thoughts on “Ugly fabric…

  1. Becky:
    I was once in an ugly swap. We each sent each other 2 pieces measuring 1/16ths. I haven’t used them yet and probably never will. So, I will send you the whole box and will be happy to know they found the right home.


  2. You want a challenge? Have I got an UGLY fabric for you! I will probably hear a very LOUD scream in Fl, when you see it! If you can do something with it, I will be uber impressed!


  3. I just made a quilt from a kit and one of the measurements was incorrect..I did not realize it and did not have enough fabric or any way to get it to recut so I had to piece one of the blocks. Not too bad but disappointing since I paid a good bit for this kit. So I guess I must check all measurements or make a test block if i do another kit.


  4. Hi Joie:
    I know you must be irritated. I suspect that I would be too with a kit that was mis-cut. However, I have grown quite fond of the effect that this sort of thing has on a quilt. Your quilt is now subtly different from all of the other quilts made with the same kit. Youve put a bit more of yourself into it, which I think is actually a very good thing! I hope that, over time, you find yourself loving that slightly different block :-).


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