Holy quilt show (Batman)!

I was just in San Antonio with the UUMCQG, University United Methodist Church Quilt Guild. Such a nice group! They meet at the church which is huge, beautiful and very well-run. I was the featured teacher and speaker.

I gave my lecture Friday morning in the sanctuary. I got to preach about color and quilting! After my talk the ladies finished putting together the show – in the sanctuary. This is a most interesting 1-day-only show – most of the quilts are draped over the pews and it is very pretty indeed:



Now I'm in Albuquerque – which, in our family, we call 'apple cookie' thanks to Christopher (when he was 3). That always makes me smile.

4 thoughts on “Holy quilt show (Batman)!

  1. Oh I wish I had known! I would have come to your lecture! I have been making clothes for my daughter these past 4 years but I was an avid quilter before that and have just about all the books you gals ever published. I will get back to quilting one day!!!


  2. What lovely pictures to share with us on this Sunday Morning. The idea of the quilts over the pews is a wonderful one. Thank you for your great blog.


  3. I love it. What a wonderful use of space. Our church did not put in pews. We have chairs. Can move them around or out. Using the space in all kinds of ways.
    Nice. Thanks for sharing


  4. Quilt Show 2013 @ Santa Clara Offers #Fun for Quilters and Everybody Else 🙂
    If you’re a quilting enthusiast, or if you just want a fun place to go with the whole family, check out the upcoming Shower of Stars Quilt Show. The event will be held on April 20 and 21 at the Santa Clara Convention Center
    Read more http://mountainviewfun.com/2013/03/13/quilt-show-2013-santa-clara-offers-fun-for-quilters-and-everybody-else/


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