My Life In Quilts, so far…

I know I wrote about the fact that many of my ‘famous’ and not-so-famous-but-I-love-them quilts are hanging in a show at Austin College (in the gallery in the art building). I thought I’d share some photos of the exhibit (you can see more here).



Last week I took mom and her friend Cora Lee to see the quilts. It was fun to watch them looking at the quilts – made me see them with fresh eyes:

MyLifeInQuiltsShow-03 copy

See that pieced quilt to the right of mom? That’s the Delectable Mountains and she may finally have convinced me that she needs to hang it at her house.

The show is up until mid-March if you happen to be in Sherman. I hope you enjoy it!

20 thoughts on “My Life In Quilts, so far…

  1. How fun, Becky!!! And thank you for sharing the photos for those of us who won’t be able to make it to Sherman to see it live. A beautiful exhibit of lovely, fun quilts!!


  2. I wish I could get to Sherman to see the show. I’ll bet it’s even more spectacular in person. But, I’m in Albany, NY, so it’s more than a 10 hour ride!!
    Is there a pattern for Blowin in the Wind? I think I have all your books and I don’t remember seeing it before.
    Thanks for sharing the photos!!


  3. That quilt is in our newest book (due to be out in April or May), The Best-Ever Appliqué Sampler. It replaces the previous edition of the Appliqué Sampler.
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  4. Wow! I so so enjoyed the slide show and wish I was close enough to see it live. Mom is a lucky lady to have you for a daughter in many, many ways. I know you feel lucky to have her as Mom too. I agree how nice it would be for her to have the Delectable Mountains hanging at her house.


  5. I’ve seen one of your quilts in person at a quilt show (maybe Cincinnati ??) but I wish I could see this collection in person too. I’m just about finished with the Applique Sampler and I, too, have most of your books. Kathy


  6. Hi Becky,
    So glad I came to your lecture yesterday, Judy and I enjoyed every minute. In addition to your business model, .you’ve have given me a new understanding of the younger quilters and how they gather information.
    Your quilts are so lovely, fun, fresh, and full of the most wonderful craftmanship. Truly a joy to behold. Thanks to you and the AC sponsors for a wonderful exhibit.


  7. And, Billie did bring her quilts to our quilt ID Day in McKinney. It was so nice to see her quilts ~ one was an early 1860s from Virginia made by her great great grandmother. She has several others, but the one that made us all just howl (Billie too) was a 107×88 cathedral window. It had purple background and floral print windows and each window was stuffed with cotton balls or cotton from medicine bottles. It weighed a ton :o)


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