Remodeling, continued…

I didn't post much last week about the remodeling progress so thought I'd catch you up. This was last Wednesday in the bathroom.


And here it is on Friday, end of the day. Luis ran out of the little white tiles for the decorative band and the shower floor tiles aren't in yet. Both should be here by Tuesday. It's hard to get a good picture, but in person it looks great!


Orville took out the raised brick hearth in the living room. It's all gone now. I think Luis will be filling the front of the newly exposed brick with mortar and will lay the same tile that's now in the utility room on the concrete in front of the fireplace this week.


Here's Miguel, grouting between the new tiles in the utility room, which is only feet away from the fireplace.


A varitey of folks removed all of the Pergo flooring throughout the house – and they weren't all guys! There's a woman on the crew and she is a ball of fire!


Everything was moving along at hyper-speed until we saw what was under the Pergo. Many years ago I put a decoupaged paper floor in the kitchen, breakfast room, entry and my studio. It was lovely and wore well but we got tired of it.

In about half the house, there is is the backing of the original vinyl flooring, stuck to the concrete. It's the whiter stuff in the photo below and it just does not want to come off. In some places I glued the paper bag floor to this vinyl backing. Oh my. It's all got to come up and it's slow, hard work. Lots of wetting and scraping.


At one point at least 5 guys were scraping and they didn't get that much done. I think it's going to be at least 2 days of this before the new floor can be glued down. And the Bella flooring is here, in boxes, in the living room – right where Luis needs to work on the hearth. I'm guessing the boxes will be moving.


I didn't say, but all of the popcorns are gone and those ceilings have been painted.

On Thursday, amid the chaos, I realized why my computer has been running so slowly. I've maxed out the hard drive! As the guy at the Apple repair place said, I can't get any more pencils in the box. It's time for a new, bigger box. Within a half hour I ordered a new, much bigger, mac mini. Sigh. If it's not one thing, it's another.

We are still waiting on Mom's neurosurgeon to call with information on a date for her shunt replacement. We have a follow-up appointment scheduled for Friday. Following up what, I'm not sure. So he can tell us again that she needs surgery? It makes my head hurt.

You know, waiting is easier if you have some clue as to why you are waiting and how long the wait might be. If they just came out and said that no matter how dire the straits are it's going to be a month until her surgery, I suppose we'd suck it up and do what needs doing in the meantime. But saying she needs the surgery (and he indicated sooner rather than later) and then leaving us dangling only makes me cranky. I am trying deep breathing but it's not helping, much. Perhaps you can deep breath for me. And say a prayer or two.

As I wrote that I realized that perhaps the remodel isn't getting to me because I have something bigger to worry about. Maybe it's all going to come together with a happy ending at about the same time. Sooner would be better than later :-).


7 thoughts on “Remodeling, continued…

  1. Saying prayers for your mom & you. Health issues always trump remodel stress.
    Oh, I love the new applique folder thing. Travels so nicely in a small bag. Thanks


  2. I’m adding my prayers for your mom and for you, too. It’s hard to wait especially since you would want her fixed NOW !! I’m hoping he has a surgery date on Friday. If not, what’s the point?
    Yes, the health of my mom certainly trumps the stresses of children and work – and not having enough time to do the things I want. Mostly I just want mom to not be in pain (she’s terminal) and to enjoy the days she has left.


  3. Becky,
    Sending prayers for your Mom; mine is 94 so I understand how their health issues can stress you out.
    As slow as the remodel is going, at least they’re doing a good job. You’ll have a new to you house very soon.


  4. Adding my prayers for you, too! Remember He knows the plan 🙂 The remodel looks like it is going great. I can sympathize with your floor dilemma. In our previous house we removed carpet to refinish hardwood floors only to find the carpets been GLUED to the wood! That too involved many extra hours of elbow grease but the results were beautiful! Can’t wait to see the your finished floors. 🙂


  5. Hope your Mom gets her surgery sooner. Definitely too much stress! I had to laugh about your hard drive max out–I’m experiencing the same issue! We’re going to try to delete some stuff to see if we can buy some time. That is definitely slow going!


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