Lovely granite, amazing cabinets…

It’s been a little crazy at my house and I haven’t found enough time to post. The kitchen is nearly finished – I took these photos late yesterday. 

KitchenDuring-16 copy

You can’t see one of the lights in the ceiling. The far light is in the breakfast room, the next one is one of two round, florescent fixtures that are on either side of the SolaTube.

Luis spent most of the day installing the sink. It was surprisingly complicated because the new sink is deeper than the old sink and the drain pipe was sort of in the wrong place.

KitchenDuring-15 copy

Orville got most of the cabinet pulls installed yesterday. Robert and Jose painted – touching up cabinets, painting the walls, etc. It took all day. The open space in the granite, above, is where the cooktop will go.

I chose 3×6 white subway tiles and an accent band of 1/2″ white squares for the backsplash. Luis and I spent some time making sure that the tile was going to fit the space (it will). I think this will be something we won’t tire of and that will go with the mosaic of blue and white dishes in the breakfast room.

I especially wanted to show you the granite. When I went to the granite yard, I was surprised that most of the granite had small, tight patterns – like little dots, or peppercorns scattered densely. I think that most people imagine that if they choose a slab with a bigger pattern, it will overpower a small kitchen. I don’t find that to be true.

KitchenDuring-18 copy

Don’t you think that the big pattern in the stone opens up the space? Steve and I do – and I have to say that the guys on the crew appear to love it as well. Granite this white, with this big of a pattern, is not the norm. 

KitchenDuring-17 copy

Steve and I left town this morning to go to Austin for a friend from college daughter’s wedding. We left Orville laying the kitchen floor, Robert was doing something (painting or flooring), and I think Luis was going to start tiling the backsplash. When we get home it won’t be all done, but we will be able to start putting things away in the kitchen. Hooray!

13 thoughts on “Lovely granite, amazing cabinets…

  1. Beautiful granite. Wish I had hinted to you before you started about having the electricians wire the plugs underneath the cabinets so you do not have one showing on your backsplash. We did all of this major remodeling about 6 years ago and a friend suggested that to me. Worked like a charm and I love not having electrical plugs showing on my tumbled marble backsplash.


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