I need a 4-letter word…

Yes, I'd like to use that 4-letter word. That word has power! It is a very old word that is still in use (a lot) today. It is both a noun and a verb and can be used in anger or in affirmation. It can be a prelude to a fight or said with a smile and a slap on the back. That word is amazingly versatile. However, even with all of this, I know I can't put that word on a quilt that will be in a book. Can you hear me silently mutter a different 4-letter word?

I'm word hunting.



Christopher  (who is working on a PhD in literature from the long 18th century, topic: filth) suggested the word 'white' written in black. It's like seeing orange written in blue. It messes with your brain. The only problem with this is that some people might read something racial into it. Moving on…

Faith (5 letters), hope, love, happy… all are too trite and over-used. Chris later suggested the word 'word'. I almost like that, but almost isn't good enough. 'Hello' (seen in the chart above) is nice, as is XOXO. But, again, I'm not completely sold. 

Do you have any suggestions?

UPDATE: What about 'bird'?


36 thoughts on “I need a 4-letter word…

  1. The whole white in black thing reminds me of Victoria’s Secret PINK line – and how it was such a big deal to see someone wearing PINK on their bottoms on a pair of blue sweats – and how much people joked about it. Meh – the irony is lost. But I like the idea of recapturing the colors white and black for the pure beauty of color and nothing political.


  2. I haven’t commented before but would like to chip in (chip!) with some suggestions. How about Grow, Flow, Home, Tiny (written in huge letters), Huge (written in tiny letters)? I was also thinking of Glue and Groove, but maybe they have unhappy associations at the moment (commiserations on that)…


  3. What about Dang or is that too close to the 4 letter word? Or Good. I also think Cake would be appropriate since it’s part of your business name!


  4. I’ve always found the word “aura” interesting…a lot of connotations…an atmosphere, a characteristic, a force, a sensation, a feeling, an impression.


  5. I havent watched Portlandia but I pulled up the clip. I suppose now Im going to have to catch up on episodes :-). And, yes, it would be funny to put a bird on it!


  6. Since you were looking originally for a four letter word, and keeping with that theme, how about finger? I like the word bird also though.


  7. Duh, I didn’t get the bird connection until I read the comments. If you put bird on the front, would you put flip on the back? Anyway, my suggestion is road – it connotes journeys both to and from and quilting teachers can find themselves on it.


  8. Thats not why I thought of bird, but it has an interesting link to that word. I didnt know about the Portlandia reference either. I was thinking that the word bird brings up an image and implies flight, but the word itself is very solid and earthbound.


  9. How about “sigh”? There are many, many different kinds of sighs. Plus, it has that onomatopoeia thing going for it.


  10. One last word from me (I was up in the middle of the night mulling this when I couldn’t sleep!): How about “echo”? I am intrigued to see where you are going with this!
    Connie V.


  11. I clicked on the wrong comments section & ended up posting this on the previous blog about Steve making the Huffington Post! Congrats, by the way.
    I suggested using 2 words–“That Word” because everyone would know what you meant, but it’s OK to use! Hope you come up with an answer you like!


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