Succulents… they can survive!

I never thought I could grow succulents because I tend to kill plants in containers. Most won’t survive our winter freezes so I can’t plant them directly in the ground. However, I have two friends who love growing succulents and I listened long enough to give it a try. So far, so good – I don’t water them often and they love our hot weather.


You might recognize the head planters. I ordered these online from Stone Face Creations. They make us smile :-). I need to dress them up a bit but that will have to come later. 


Maybe he needs Clark Kent glasses… or a tie.

The aloe vera that mom gave me for mother’s day is thriving. When it gets cold, these all have to come inside. Many of them are going to Steve’s office on campus where there is more room and lots of light. I’m going to miss them!


I leave early, early tomorrow for Goderich, Ontario, via Detroit. I’m hoping for a nice, uneventful travel day.


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