Where did the week go?

You might have noticed that I haven't posted for a week. I was laid low by a sinus infection for a couple of days and then Linda came for a working visit. 

Linda came for a visit because she is out of stitching—oh my! She came to Texas so that I could draw her next group of projects. It's so much easier to get the drawings right when we're together. She knew what she wanted but as the drawings progressed, ideas changed. It's always a little slow going in the beginning but, after 2-1/2 days, we were done. Yay!

During that time there was the usual hustle and bustle in my house. Lorna was here to fill orders, the kids were here with her… Linda told me that now she knows why I am sometimes stressed when we talk on the phone :-).

I love my grandkids and Lorna has to bring them with her when she works, but it can be hard for me to think when there is so much going on around me. However, I really want Lorna to come work! While Linda was here, I had an idea (or maybe Linda had the idea): I am going to pay/bribe Jack to play quietly when he's here and I'm working. He would love to make $1 a day and I would love to focus—it's a win/win, don't you think? I'm going to the bank on Monday to get a stack of $1 bills.

After the drawings were finished, Linda and I had time to go shopping at our favorite Texas shop, The Quilt Asylum. We spent 2 hours—and about $450 each. I knew, as my pile grew, that it was not going to be an inexpensive trip to the quilt shop. 

People sometimes ask me how I choose fabric. As I was folding this group, I thought that could use this group as an example.

Here is what I came home with, washed/dried/folded and neatly stacked (click on the photo and it will open larger):

WhatIBought copy

Most of the fabrics are fat quarters. If you see more of an edge of any fabric, it's probably a yard. I bought a couple of 1/2 yard cuts and a couple of 1-1/2 yard cuts.

Notice that these are clear colors, not gray/muddy colors*. I use clear colors 99% of the time. I know that every one of these pieces is going to work with the vast majority of the fabric in my stash.

*If you have trouble imagining what a 'gray/muddy' color is—think civil war, or Thimbleberries, or Jo Morton quilts. It's not that those are bad colors. Rather, they are not the kinds of colors that I use. I don't buy them. I don't even see them in the quilt shops because I don't spend time looking at them. Really—they are invisible to me. If this is the palette you use, then the fabric in my pile above is probably invisible to you— and that is OK.

Look at the stack on the right (above). Half of it is green and the other half is split between orange, yellow, and brown. It used to be that I bought more green than anything else. In the last couple of years that shifted to blue. Look at the stack on the left—There is as much blue as there is green/yellow/orange/brown combined.

The black/white/cream/gray stack is tallest but that's because I bought bigger quantities of fabric with text on it:

Text-01 copy

I really like the texture of text in prints and this fabric is hot right now. If you like it, you should buy it because it's not going to be here forever.

I like text the way it looks in books and newspapers—black and white (or cream). Many of the fabrics above were available in color. I don't like them as much. However, there were a few colored 'text' prints that I liked and bought fat quarters of. I may be sorry that I didn't get more of the fabrics in the center stack.

Text-02 copy

So, this is an over-view of 'what I bought'. Over the next few days, I'll write more about specific choices. Have a lovely weekend!


15 thoughts on “Where did the week go?

  1. I also love text prints – and I’ll be sure to be buying more now cause I have a funny feeling in a year or two there will be a book with some great quilts and by then the text prints will be gone!
    The muddy colors have their place. But as I’ve often said – the civil was is DONE. I love clear color!


  2. Yes, I am working on a book on color! My deadline is late March, the book will be out about a year from then, Spring 2015.
    Its been a lot of work, and theres still so much to do, but I can tell you that this ought to be a very good book :-).


  3. Sorry to hear you were ill and glad you are better. I was so interested to read your explanation of your new stash enhancements. I now know I’m a clear color girl. I liked all of your choices. This will help me in my de-stashing efforts. I couldn’t decide before what to donate/give-away. Now, I’ll look and see if it is clear or not – those that aren’t out they go! As for text prints – haven’t seen any around. This is a continual problem around here – we see very little of the textiles manufactured, and I live where there are abundant LQS at least within 30 miles of me. Thank heaven for the Internet. Look forward to your next take on those fabrics


  4. Glad you are back. I missed you.
    Fun to hear your comments on fabric and color. I really like your bright, clear colors and only see the “others” when I shop with other friends.
    Thanks for you very clear DVD and the new book on appliqué. Really helps the new folks learning.


  5. I almost didnt own up to that amount, but I knew many would really want to know. I asked Susan, the shop owner, if ours were rare total amounts and found out that we are not alone. My husband says Im doing my part to keep the economy running.


  6. About 15 years ago, I started changing my color palette to one more like yours — I would go to quilt stores and look for what I called “happy fabrics.” I have to credit the birth of my daughter for that change. You can’t make a baby quilt with Civil War fabrics (at least, I can’t!)


  7. While I wouldnt want a baby quilt made from civil war fabrics, I would assume that baby quilts were made at that time from civil war fabrics. I know Ive seen antique baby/doll quilts that date back that far and they dont look bad at all—they look like what they are. Still, Im with you—clearer colors make for a happier baby quilt these days.


  8. Thank you for explaining your process. I use civil war but love the bright clear colors and wanted to buy some but was so overwhelmed when I went shopping. It is hard to buy what you don’t really know how to use. Looking at your stacks and reading your explanation I think I may have a jumping off place.


  9. My stash is stuffed full of “clear” colors! I discovered my love for them in my early quilting days (25 yrs. ago). Clear, bright, cheerful prints were not being used by the majority of my quilting friends at the time and so I stood out in the crowd. To this day my palette hasn’t changed!
    I even used a bright, clear, colorful flower print to select wall colors for my house, which had white walls when I bought it! I painted the rooms different colors and I love the way it looks. No white walls, no pastels, no earth tones!


  10. Thank you for visually explaining clear and muddy colors. If a quilt is well designed and has nice contrast, I tend to like both the gray muddy (Civil War) and the clear, bright (happy) quilts. However, I will be more aware now when I shop for fabric.


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