Best Ever Granola

I'm at the Savannah airport, waiting for my plane home. Even though I love teaching, I do love going home!

Before I left home last week, I had to make a new batch of granola. I eat a half cup of this stuff with plain greek yogurt every day. I like to add fruit: blueberries in season, and lately sliced bananas. It fills me up, and it I'm not hungry again until lunch time.

I've written about my recipe before, but it has evolved. This time I happened to add the ingredients in a different order and darned if that didn't make a big difference. Here's the link to my new recipe:

Download BestEverGranola

The trick is to mix the nuts, spices, oil, and then honey—then add the oats! I had always added the oats first and it was harder to mix everything evenly.


The granola is light in the bowl, then it browns up some as you cook it.


It's toasted, but not dark when it cools.


I stir it up when it's still hot, scraping the bottom of the pan and then let it cool completely. I keep it in any airtight container and scoop it out a half cup at a time. 

FYI—it makes a nice salad topper too!


12 thoughts on “Best Ever Granola

  1. I, too, make my own granola with flax seed and eat it every day. The doctor thinks that’s what dropped my cholesterol 87 points! 😉 yummy AND good for you. I also dip a slice of apple with peanut butter into some granola. Great snack. Thanks for your recipe and tips.


  2. I am getting serious once again about food. I am going back to yogurt for breakfast and a granola with KNOWN ingredients is just what I want…. so glad to have this recipe! The hard part in the beginning will be half a cup. The store bought stuff is three hands full! LOL


  3. I make a very similar granola which my husband eats with Stonyfield Farms French Vanilla yogurt most mornings. It does not have the flax seeds and I know nothing about the 2 different varieties you mention. It has all the nuts and seeds except for pistachios. I will have to add them for sure and investigate the flax seeds. Also, after baking and cooling, you add 1.5 cups chopped dried fruit and I use cranberries. I’ve also done half dried chopped apricots and half cranberries, and sometimes used dried cherries as well. I have 2 grandchildren who love it with yogurt as well. Thanks for sharing your recipe!


  4. Hey Becky, Does oatmeal have gluten? If so can glute-free oatmeal be purchased? I’m beginning to think I have a growing intolerance for gluten and am exploring changes.


  5. Oats dont have gluten but if they are processed in a facility that also processes wheat there can be contamination. You can get certified GF oats.
    Sent from my iPad, please forgive typos.


  6. I was unsure what flax seed to buy today. Do you use the whole seed or do you grind it? I read it does not have the nutritional value if left whole as it mainly passed through the system whole. If ground, do you buy whole and grind yourself? I did find both the brown and golden but no info on the difference.


  7. I dont grind the flax seed. I dont know how grinding them and then baking them would affect the nutritional value gained from grinding. If I was really into it, Id grind them fresh and sprinkle them on the granola… but Im never that motivated in the morning. The flax seeds probably dont add much the way I do them, but I can tell when they are not in the mix.


  8. Thanks, Becky. I will just put them in whole. I realized my recipe has another nut, macadamia. I need to get another batch made before I leave for Houston classes and show so my husband will have breakfast taken care of.


  9. I made this recipe a few nights ago and have been enjoying it for breakfast with yogurt and blueberries. I ended up baking mine for a full hour to reach the desired level of crunchiness. So delicious, Becky! Thanks for sharing!


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