Finally, I’m touching fabric!

I have been pounding away on my my keyboard for days, weeks, months… sigh. I applique at night but other than that I haven't had time to work with actual fabric. Happily I can say that I'm just about typed out and ready to make some more quilts for the color book. Yay!

With three quilts drawn, I chose colorways and have pulled fabric for them. The colors are separated into stacks and then sorted by value. 

I did something I haven't done before… I took the fabric stacks off of the table and pinned it all to my design wall. Better! When I took a photo, the colors worked together the way I hoped they would. I love it when that happens!

This fabric will be in a quilt that is about complementary colors, in this case blue and orange. Off to the right you can see the edge of the applique quilt that is waiting for a border. Below, you can see part of a black and white quilt that will be in the book. Steve is hand sewing the binding on it for me. I love that man!


The next photo shows the mostly blue fabrics that will be in a quilt that is all about clear colors vs. gray colors. 


The yellows, greens, and that purple print on the right don't exactly fit but I like them with the blues. I may use at least some of them in very small amounts.

I am making progress—oh happy day!



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