My box is stuck at UPS…

We have been waiting on a box of books that was shipped December 16. It should have been here on 12/20. Since we were iced in for days I was not surprised that the delivery was delayed, BUT UPS has delivered several boxes that were ordered well after that—some were ordered after Christmas!

The box of books seems to be stuck in a black hole at the UPS facility here in Sherman. Seriously—have you ever seen a delivery notification like this:

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 8.56.32 AM

As we have tracked it, the box has been 'out for delivery' and then mysteriously it is not out for delivery, but back at the facility. (Where it says 'destination scan' above, it read 'out for delivery' when we were tracking it online.)

Steve and Christopher both have been to 'the facility' to try to get the box. No luck. What a mess. I almost feel sorry for UPS. That said, I would really like to see the box on my porch!


7 thoughts on “My box is stuck at UPS…

  1. Too funny. — I have a box of sale items from a store that I wanted for me. I could have cared less when it was delivered. — Got a bunch of store credits/shipping credits etc. b/c it did not arrive by Christmas. Basically they paid me to shop with them.


  2. A UPS truck was on tv as turned over and lost all its packages..Somewhere in mid America.. I thought to myself oh boy !!! as I saw them picking up packages that fell out of the huge transport truck , some one will not get their package …Was it very important ?? I hope it is not yours but I saw them make such a big deal. We live in Jersey..


  3. Most of the delays were caused by the Dallas/Mesquite facility because of weather and power outages. If your packages went anywhere near Dallas they got an ‘exception’ status. One of my packages sent to Austin from the West Coast sat in Mesquite for 6 days, then mysteriously showed up at the door. Packages from the East Coast to Austin were delivered on time because they went through a St Louis processing facility.


  4. Yeah, I knew about Mesquite. But the scans show that the box has been moving around at the Sherman facility for 3 days or more. I think we have some semis parked here and the boxes dont quite make it to the delivery truck. But, theres always tomorrow :).


  5. We had moulding sitting in the big semis out there for a couple of days. I asked my driver if he would just open one up and let me take a look:) I still had a delivery this week that took 4 days longer than normal.


  6. I have to laugh. A Christmas gift sent through USPS has left the DesMoines facility twice since December 12th, but it never arrives anywhere. I’ve given up ever receiving that package.


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