Make it fun!

You may have seen this before, but it's both interesting and fun:


Have I mentioned that my walking partner, Laurie, has joined a group of folks here in town who are hoping to log 1000 miles this year? I think I can do it but I am not officially joining the group because I'm too competitive. I know this about myself and it can get out of hand. That said, I've begun paying more attention to my own actual miles walked. 

I work standing up (except when sewing). I walk a lot through the day but I'm sure I over-estimate how much I walk. So I bought a Fitbit One so that I can get an accurate count of how much I'm moving. The first One I bought turned out to be defective and it made me cranky until the company told me it was the unit, not me. The Fitbit people replaced it for free, with no hassle, and the new one is working very well.

This little device can keep track of a lot—miles and steps walked, floors climbed. There are web and phone dashboards where you can enter other activities like pilates and weight-lifting, food/calories consumed. There's a scale that links to the device but I'm just logging my daily weight manually.

I don't need to lose weight so why am I doing this? Because I'm competitive, that's why. I've decided to compete with myself. It's nice to have that 1000 mile goal, but mostly I want to collect the data on what I really do, not just what I think I do. I have osteoporosis and I really need to do more. It's early yet, but so far I'm finding that I am looking for places to add a few more steps, to take more stairs.

Boy—I would really love to walk up the musical stairs!


2 thoughts on “Make it fun!

  1. I would love the piano stairs too! I have had my Fitbit One since last March (my birthday present). I’m positive that it has improved the amount of walking I do. I make all 3 goals around 5 days per week. I’ve been really glad that our house has stairs. I got 21 floors today without even trying! Some days I do have to just walk down & up the stairs a few times to complete that goal, but if we didn’t have stairs in our house it would be difficult to achieve. I also have osteoporosis as well as heart disease (with no symptoms, so far), so I feel it’s really important for me to be very active. And yes, it does cut into the sewing time–but so would injury or death!


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