How to decide…

I'm quilting the last big quilt for the Color book. Before I could begin, I had to figure out what pattern to quilt into it. I pinned vinyl over a block and started doodling. First I tried a curvy pattern with some flow. Not a stipple, but something maybe with leaves or curls, or flowers… 


It didn't take long to decide that that was not it. Next I tried vertical lines.


I've used this before to good effect but there is a lot of moving around shapes. That means a lot of sewing over lines of stitching and I didn't really want to do so much of that in this quilt so I started drawing horizontal lines to get me from one spot to another. I didn't love that so much but it did point me in a better direction…


I really like this! It's a kind of squared stipple. I think it looks very 1950's retro which fits nicely with the clock fabric. And it's fast!



5 thoughts on “How to decide…

  1. Absolutely LOVE that clock fabric! Where is it available? What is it called, or who is the designer? I am in Australia, would love some of that fabric, have just the right project for it if I could get a piece of it. Cheers.


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